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Solve your HR tasks digitally

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In the midst of the current corona crisis, it can be challenging to solve some usual tasks. Many employees are still working from home, which means that a lot of tasks and meetings that usually take place face-to-face suddenly have to be solved digitally. These include, for example, employee reviews, the signing of contracts with digital signatures and recruitment interviews.

Fortunately, HR-ON has a number of tools for Remote Staff Management that you can use. These tools should enable you to do your job as well as if you were sitting in the office.

Get your message out to many at once – digitally

One of the relatively new features that HR-ON has developed is the AppBuilder. In short, it is a digital solution which allows your employees to, among other things, fill in an employee review form, or participate in surveys and e-learning. In other words, you can design a digital message to exactly fit your needs and send it out via your mobile phone and the web. You can also ask recipients to enter the required information.

During these Corona times, many people need to send out new information to employees. And for that purpose, you can use the AppBuilder. For example, make your employees aware of how they can take on a new role – a form of pre- or onboarding. The only limit is your imagination.

The AppBuilder is a very user-friendly feature and you do not need special IT skills to use it.

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Below are a few examples of how HR-ON has used AppBuilder for events:

Appbuilder in HR-ON Staff

Hold job interviews online

In addition, HR-ON now allows its customers to hold job interviews online. HR-ON’s developers have created a platform so you can hold job interviews directly in your browser.

It’s very easy to use: you just have to tick the box for online video calling when you invite a candidate for an interview in the system. Next, the candidate receives an email with a link to the interview call.

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And when it comes to hiring, remember that HR-ON Recruit supports the ability to sign contracts with digital signatures. It could be employment contracts or also other documents that require signatures.

Contact HR-ON if you have any questions or need tips.

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