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We have exceptional friends with expert knowledge

HR-ON partners with a large variety of organizations and businesses. We are proud and grateful for the sparring and additional knowledge we gain from these trusting professional relationships. Small and large businesses, private and public, commercial and non-profit – our Friends and Partners have a positive impact on our daily working life and help us grow as an innovative tech company.



The recruitment process is changing and it is no longer possible to implement certain elements of traditional methods in the same way. This can create problems, but it also creates unique opportunities to rethink the whole recruitment process and have more of a focus on the talent and potential of candidates.

Diversity Charter Odense

In line with the inclusive internal working environment we have created here at HR-ON, with a focus on common values and diversity, we are also part of the Odense Diversity Charter. At HR-ON we not only accommodate, but also appreciate diversity among our employees, and we consider diversity as a source of development and growth.


HR-ON has entered into collaboration with the Danish tech company Innoflow. Innoflow offer software for case-based recruitment, with anonymised cases, so that decisions are made solely based on the competences of candidates.


Learningbank has created an integration to HR-ON Staff. With the integration, employee master data can be sent easily and quickly to Learningbank's learning universe and their user setup. Create your next learning session in Learningbank's exciting universe.


750 million+ members | Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.


With the combination of HR-ON's open API and NHC's knowledge, we make it possible for you to integrate with other systems you're using. For example, if you are happy with your current accounting, payroll or messaging system, you can integrate these. And, of course, HR-ON Staff also works smoothly with your HR-ON Recruit account.


Odense Football Club is the largest sports brand in the region of Fyn. We help build lasting partnerships and value-creating collaborations, and we enjoy experiences which stimulate both the mind and the heart.


Now you can integrate HR-ON Staff with Planday and have all your necessary tools gathered in one place. Strengthen communication and planning between your departments and employees with an intuitive platform.


Salary has made a integration to HR-ON Staff. With this integration, employees can send data between the two systems which makes HR and salary easier.

Technology Denmark

At HR-ON we are proud to be part of Technology Denmark, a collaboration of partners from the business community, research institutions and members of the public. Technology Denmark offers a forum for inspiration, knowledge sharing and networking, as well as investment opportunities in programs that create talent for the industry.


HR-ON has become the first company in the HR space to join Umbraco's vast network, bringing endless opportunities for smoother integrations. We are working on creating an HR-ON plugin which will make it possible to seamlessly create the perfect career page on your website. Watch this space!


HR-ON is a member of work-live-stay, which is a private association with roots in southern Denmark. Work-life-stay is creating a framework for attracting, receiving and retaining highly qualified international professionals for companies in Southern Denmark, giving these companies the further opportunities to develop and grow their business.


HR-ON and Zenegy Danmark ApS have joined forces on a joint solution and integration, which provides easier workflows and greater employee satisfaction, using simple automations. Get an idea of how this can benefit your organization.
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    HR-ON is a suite of cloud-based applications that help make HR-related tasks easier. From small business and local municipalities to large multinational organizations, HR-ON solutions are flexible to fit the needs of your business.

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