Is your business affected by the Corona Crisis? Get help and advice on HR management

HR-Advisors er klar til at hjælpe din virksomhed gennem coronakrisen

Is your business affected by the Corona Crisis? Get help and advice on HR management

Is your business affected by the Corona Crisis? Get help and advice on HR management 1200 628 HR-ON

The corona crisis is upon us and for many companies it is a challenging time. Therefore, HR-ON and a number of our partners have joined forces to help with HR management during the corona crisis. This is to help Danish tech companies get through the crisis as best as possible by creating a good framework for managers and employees at this challenging time.

With Technology Denmark as the leading force, HR-ON , Hesehus , House of Code and TV 2 Denmark will provide advice and guidance to other companies. This may involve answering questions about HR-related challenges, helping with technical solutions, or assistance with specific challenges that emerge due to the Corona crisis.

The knowledgeable, four-man team can also advise on hiring interviews, team collaboration and distance management.

The HR Advisors are:

HR-ON: Rasmus Festersen, PR and Communications Director

Hesehus: Anne Røssel Læsø, HR Manager

House of Code: Henrik Grove, COO

TV2 Danmark: Henrik Kretzschmar, HR Partner

Additional experts available

In addition to the professionals named above, there are also a number of other experts available for questions on HR management during the corona crisis. 

For example, you can get help with support schemes, liquidity and crisis management from:

EY: Michael B. Damsgaard, Assistant Director, Business Development.

And you can get guidance on GDPR and cyber security from a legal perspective from:

Focus Advokater: Jesper Løffler Nielsen, Associate Partner, lawyer and Ph.D.

Here’s how you get advice

If you need help with HR management during the corona crisis, send your question to . You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

HR-ON can also help and give good advice on the possibilities within digital HR, video job interviews, online employee reviews, digital Employer Branding and SoMe. Contact us directly here.

Fill out the information and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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