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General information

  • HR-ON is an online recruitment tool. A so-called e-recruitment system. As a customer, you will get a career page on your website in your company’s own design together with free access to the recruitment tool. The career site is what your applicants and candidates see, while the recruitment tool is where you and the rest of the recruitment committee work.

  • The HR-ON e-recruitment system automates the entire process for you. In this way you don’t have to respond individually to emails, arrange meetings, send refusals, and so on. You can write your templates yourself and take the conversation with your candidates, but everything else is done effectively through HR-ON as your recruitment tool. Jobs are sent via the HR-ON system to employment sites and social media channels of your choice. Applicants are automatically answered. Your recruitment committee can easily screen, sort and rate the applicants. Your favorites can be called in via a select-in-clock calendar, and you can finally send a digital contract to the successful candidate via the system. All replies can be sent to multiple applicants at a time and received by the applicant as personalized emails. In short, all the administrative work is effectively done through HR-ON.

  • With HR-ON, you will automatically meet the requirements of GDPR, giving you free resources to focus on other tasks. There are a large number of administrative processes which need to abide by the new GDPR regulations, and we are experts in automating the precise administrative processes. With the HR-ON e-recruitment system, you get a complete overview of the personal data coming into your system, as well as full documentation of what happens to it, until it is deleted again as part of a fixed procedure. This is pretty much impossible manage if you are receiving applications via email and if they are being passed on to other employees, etc. In addition, very importantly, you will get access to the documentation showing that you comply with the rules.

  • The needs and price are specific to each customer, but we always try to find a price which matches the customer’s expectations. HR-ON’s services are absolutely competitive on price compared to other recruitment systems. Furthermore, HR-ON has no start-up fee and provides free support and free setup of careers page.

  • No. The HR-ON e-recruitment system simply requires you to install a small snippet of code. It’s the same process as putting Google Maps on your website. The practical work involved in code insertion is no time at all. Just copy and paste it. In this way, your career site will be up and running in no time. The recruitment tool itself is in the cloud, and you can access it as soon as you get the login. We are of course happy to help with the practical implementation.

  • We recommend that you start by creating a hidden test page called /job-test and that after testing the page on /job . It is very easy to get started and the system is self-explanatory. In fact, it can be online in less than one day. If you experience any difficulties our online guide is always available as well as our support via phone and email.

  • The short answer: Very flexible. The longer answer is, that when you get HR-ON, all default templates are ‘Thank you for your application’-emails, but everything is modular and you have access to edit all settings. If by accident, something is not configurable, we will be happy to help you find a solution. The principle of our e-recruitment system is that you get everything you need in one package, and this package can be subsequently and continually configured and tailored to your needs.

  • You own all data as our customer. The HR-ON e-recruitment system is a tool for your business and it is your company’s data by right. If you stop being our customer, all data transferred to the system will be transferred to you through a download.

  • No, it is very unlikely, as we create both local and external backups of data each day. The HR-ON system takes daily backups of all your business data. It takes place both locally and externally and applies to all settings and data.

  • Yes, the HR-ON e-recruitment system is completely modular and can be put together exactly for your business needs. Call HR-ON and hear more about your options for a tailored solution.

  • No. HR-ON is a cloud-based e-recruitment system and can be used without installation. Your web administrator just needs to insert a small snippet of code on your website, and then you can begin by creating job ads and receiving CVs.

  • Yes. Corporate administrators can create departments. In the case of a larger company, this would be a good idea for several reasons: – It promotes clarity between departments – It ensures that people only have access to the relevant applications and candidates. As a corporate administrator, you can set up departments and assign different employees the rights to access to the whole system or only part of it.

  • A corporate administrator – colloquially often also a superuser – is the employee of the company who has the right and access to everything in the system. It will usually be the corporate administrator who has the ongoing contact with HR-ON, although all users can, of course, contact support. For example, ordinary users on the system will be limited in relation to the fact that they only have access to posts from their own department or from other recruitment committees created in the system.

  • Yes, if you have the resources to do so, there may be advantages in making your career page yourself. We also have a handful of customers who choose to do so; typically IT-companies. The vast majority of our customers choose the solution where they just have to insert a snippet on their homepage.

  • The system exists and is already in use in several languages, and we are, as a starting point, translating the system into the languages you may need. It is only a matter of time before it will also benefit other users.


Job ads & career page

  • The career page is where the company’s vacancies are displayed along with the possibility of sending unsolicited applications. With HR-ON the applicants never leave your website, and they do not see an external system behind it. Everything is done under the company’s own web address and in the company’s design.

  • The career site simply requires a small snippet of code to be installed on your company’s website. Therefore, we can have a solution up and running on the same day as we conclude the agreement. As soon as your IT department has pasted the code snippet – it’s simple copy-paste – your new career site is online. We deliver the code right away.

  • There are two ways of doing this in the HR-ON e-recruitment system. You can pay for a sponsored post through HR-ON social media, and you can post to your own media channels. Both are done directly via the HR-ON system and selected by a tick-box. To post on your own media, you must first sign in via the HR-ON e-recruitment system, as HR-ON does not have access to your accounts from the beginning. In addition, you can add an ‘available positions’ function to your company profile on Facebook. This means that users who visit your page on Facebook will be able to see the vacancies on the page.

  • Yes, when you select a sponsored post, we’ll make sure you get the best value for money. For example, we choose an audience according to the geography and the target group you choose. Then we ensure that it reaches the broadest possible audience among potential candidates for the job. You are also welcome to call our support if you need to discuss your own social media efforts.

  • Yes, we can post on all the social media channels you want.

  • Yes, with HR-ON you can do that by setting a launch time on the post itself. In this way, social media posts will be published only when it suits you.

  • When you post a position you will be given the opportunity to check a number of employment websites or platforms. Some need to be paid for, while others are free. You can if it’s free or not before you choose. We provide a total settlement so that you do not have to relate to anything other than an invoice. If you have discounts for some of the portals, we will make sure that you also get the discount on the HR-ON e-recruitment system.

  • Yes. You can save your job description as a draft in HR-ON. Thus, it cannot be seen outside of the system, until the relevant people have seen it and approved the content before publishing it.

  • Yes. If you choose to put a job agent on your career page, interested applicants can sign up so they’ll be notified when you post a relevant position in your company or network.

  • Yes, on HR-ON, you can see which sites, job portals, and social media provide the biggest number and highest quality of applicants. Note that there will always be a group named Anonymous. These are users who use a hidden browser, or who – technically speaking – make a switch between HTTP and HTTPS. In this case, the information regarding the site from which they come is unfortunately lost. However, the statistics will, in any case, give you a valuable insight into which job portals and social media platforms provide the most candidates.


Applications & handling

  • No, the HR-ON system integrates through a small snippet of code on your website. Thus, the applicant will never see, that it is HR-ON running your career site. This way HR-ON makes sure applicants remain on your site through integration of your design and layout.

  • Yes, in the overview of incoming applications you can search by writing text if there is a particular criterion that you would like to sort applicants for.

  • Yes, you can simply tick the candidates and choose a specific action, which can be an invitation to an interview or a refusal. The HR-ON system will ensure that all applicants get an email from a template that you choose, personalized with their own name. The email is structured so that it can’t be distinguished from a direct personal email. This is controlled by a code that cannot be viewed by the recipient. You can set up your email templates to match your business tone, for example, whether you want to use ‘hello’ and first name or if you prefer to be more formal.

  • There are no restrictions on the system regarding the number of emails sent out.

  • There are several options for doing this. In the vacancy, you can submit a mandatory question, such as whether the applicant has a driving license or not. Next, you can easily sort applicants by this criterion and send a quick refusal to anyone who does not possess the required skills or education. It is, of course, your responsibility to act within the law’s framework in relation to discrimination, but you can define your own questions and there are no technical limitations as to what and how much you can ask for.

  • Yes. They just need to be added to your recruiting committee and have a login. Then they can participate in the recruitment process on the same level as the company’s internal staff or have access to a limited number of actions, as you wish.

  • You can set up a reminder for yourself if you want to be reminded of a process that needs to be completed. You can also set up internal messages for the recruiting committee.

  • You choose whether the applicant should be invited for an interview at a specific time, or whether you want to let them choose from some suggested dates and times. The candidates will of course not see the names of the other applicants being interviewed, but will only be given a choice between a number of options, on a first-come-first-serve basis. For example, you can summon five candidates to 45-minute interviews employing a total of five hours. The applicants will be in the order in which they select their time.

  • Yes. For example, if you want to make a PDF with your five selected candidates, simply select them in the overview and choose ‘Create PDF’ at the bottom, and you have an overview which can be printed or sent via e-mail. You can choose with a checkmark, how much information to take, and whether you also want the applications and CVs included.

  • If you have information in your previous system such as CVs, we will import them to the HR-ON e-recruitment system at no extra charge. However, you should be aware of the GDPR legislation related to moving personal data in this way.

  • Yes. Even though HR-ON has a built-in evaluation scheme for the individual applicant, you can also upload an external evaluation form and assign it to each applicant as default. This will also be visible to your entire employment committee.

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