HR-ON’s new and highly sought-after video feature

HR-ONs nye videofunktion til online jobsamtaler

HR-ON’s new and highly sought-after video feature

HR-ON’s new and highly sought-after video feature 1200 628 HR-ON

HR-ON’s latest digital solution for holding job interviews online has been very well received by customers. Going by the large numbers of people already using the solution, HR-ON’s new video feature appears to be highly sought-after. The users of the HR-ON Recruit recruitment system have invited over 1200 candidates for video job interviews. And this was only on the first day the feature was launched!

HR-ON is therefore meeting the great need customers have at a time when face-to-face meetings are limited due to the corona crisis. Although the crisis is damaging many companies, there are a number of companies and organisations which urgently need to hire more staff. This applies, for example, to the health sector.

The video conversation takes place directly in your browser

The new video feature is simple and easy to use. When a company selects a candidate for an interview, they simply need to check a box to indicate that the job interview will take place online.

Soon afterwards, the candidate receives an email. In the mail – in addition to the usual details such as the date and time of the conversation – a link also appears. Therefore the candidate and the recruiting staff just have to click on the link to start the conversation. Neither the candidate nor the employee needs to download any programs – it all takes place directly in your browser.

The idea came about 10 years ago

The idea for this feature has a lot of experience and know-how behind it. HR-ON’s CEO, Ali E. Cevik, had already jumped on the online interviews bandwagon 10 years ago, when he developed the job portal, Jobview. Now is the time to re-launch this extremely sought-after video feature. Here is a comment from Ali E. Cevik, CEO of HR-ON:

“’Online job interviews will become a natural part of the future way of recruiting’, I stated in a feature on TV2 Fyn 10 years ago. Back then it sounded like a futuristic dream. It is sad that coronavirus has highlighted how important it is to have the opportunity for online communication, including being able to hold a job interview despite physical limitations. But I am happy that my original ideas behind the concept are still relevant. This applies, for example, to the promotion of diversity, inclusion, environment, climate, job satisfaction, jobs and family life. We are also already looking at virtual reality and mixed reality in recruitment – and with the current situation this may not seem too far-fetched.”

If you are interested in hearing more about the new online job interview feature, contact HR-ON.