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Et katalog med en artikel der beskriver at gentofte har løst rekuteringsproblemet

Gentofte Municipality succeded in colaborating with LinkedIn

Gentofte Municipality succeded in colaborating with LinkedIn 1200 628 HR-ON

Gentofte Municipality invested in digital solutions and fixed their recruitment problem.

When the municipality of Gentofte was responsible for recruiting a new principal for the new preparatory basic education FGU Copenhagen North, they faced a great challenge. Recruitment was to be done across five municipalities, and one week before the application deadline, only a handful of applications had been received.

– It was clearly a difficult position to occupy, and while in the process we found that there were only few applicants, says HR Process Manager Mikael Bierbaum from Gentofte Municipality. Originally, he had expected about 10 qualified applicants, and he could see that that wasn’t going to happen.

– We decided to try a more proactive and targeted method that also reaches people who were not seemingly in the market. And then something happened. It was clearly beyond any expectations, he says.

Targeted campaign

HR-ON’s direct integration with Linkedin delivered the solution in the form of a targeted Linkedin Premium campaign combined with a short extension of the application deadline. This meant that the number of impressions as well as applications increased more than fivefold. Mikael Bierbaum emphasizes that there were almost exclusively relevant applications:

– I wouldn’t call it a success if the quality hadn’t been within what we were looking for. Apart from one, all applications were within our expectations. There were serious applicants and we had a wider selection than anyone had expected.

Found the job on LinkedIn

The outcome of the process was that FGU Copenhagen North got the right candidate for the job. The new principal Tina Jensen first discovered the job when she saw the advertisement on LinkedIn.

Billede af Tina

Tina Jensen Newly appointed Principal , FGU Copenhagen North

– LinkedIn is one of the first things I open in the morning when I sit and drink my morning coffee, she says.

As head of a local production school, she was already aware that the position would appear, and she had long been watching for the job ads. When she saw the advertisement on LinkedIn, she chose to apply for the principal job. Something both she and Mikael Bierbaum are happy for today.

Finding the right applicant

Mikael Bierbaum will use in the future LinkedIn Premium via the HR-ON platform for positions that he knows in advance will be a challenge to acquire qualified candidates for. He will also try to fill other positions where the candidates may not be LinkedIn’s core users, but where LinkedIn’s wide reach may nonetheless provide the right candidates. He also believes that it speaks to the advantage of the solution that it is much cheaper than the alternatives:

– The price is important when working in the municipal sector, where the recruitment budget is sometimes down to a few thousand danish krones. It is a huge asset that we have access to this technology, and we are very confident about what we can use it for.Mikael Bierbaum HR-Process Manager, Gentofte Municipality
Medarbejder af gentofte kommune

First Danish partner agreement

LinkedIn Premium is part of the official partner agreement that HR-ON as the first system supplier in Denmark has signed with LinkedIn. The agreement will ensure a more effective match between companies and their future employees.

Mikela Hedenros Ringart Enterprise Sales Leader, LinkedIn

Recruitment is changing. Previously, companies have sent traditional job advertisements with the expectation that the candidates themselves would discover them. In the future, the ads will instead target the candidates, says LinkedIn’s responsible for Nordic partner agreements, Mikaela Hedenros Ringart.

Medarbejder af hr-on

The agreement makes it possible for HR-ON’s customers to place their vacancies directly on LinkedIn in the same workflow as the other recruitment. On LinkedIn, job vacancies are controlled by LinkedIn’s algorithms and shown for selected candidates. For companies that rank up, the collaboration means that they will be able to target their positions to an unprecedented level. And that is what Gentofte Municipality has benefited from, explains HR-ON’s Director Ali E. Cevik.

Effective recruitment channel

Through HR-ON, Ali E. Cevik has a deep insight into how it is advertised and, most importantly, what works. It all comes from the recruitment system’s statistics, which users also have access to, says Ali E. Cevik.

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