Find new employees via Social Media

Find din nye ansatte på Sociale Medier

Find new employees via Social Media

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There are many good reasons to search for new employees via Social Media. One of them is that social media plays an important role in our lives these days. For example, in Denmark, figures show that most adult Danes are active on either Facebook or LinkedIn.

64 percent of Danes check Facebook every day, according to the latest figures from DR Media Research. LinkedIn is also used regularly – 28 percent of Danes using social media log on to LinkedIn daily.

Access to millions of CVs

According to LinkedIn, there are roughly 2.5 million Danish members on the site (as of the end of 2019). This makes LinkedIn an extremely interesting platform to use for recruitment, as there is an ocean of ​​available CVs.

In addition, there are useful tools, for example to create a campaign that can target relevant candidates. That way, the company’s job post reaches out to candidates who don’t necessarily follow the company. The job post also appears for those who are not actively looking for a new job.

LinkedIn’s own data shows that 80 percent of LinkedIn members state that they are non-job seekers. But in fact, 90 percent of them are willing to change jobs if the right position comes up.

One organisation which has had positive experiences in recruiting through LinkedIn is the Town Council of Gentofte. Read the case here.

Advertising on Facebook – an obvious solution

Facebook is also a platform that can be interesting to use to find the right employee.

Where LinkedIn is more business-oriented, Facebook is more likely to be the place for everyone. Here it is also possible to create campaigns that can be precisely targeted to relevant candidates based on a number of criteria.

How to get your ad on SoMe

As an HR-ON customer, you can easily get your job ad on social media. Simply check the box and the job ad is online. If you want additional exposure, consider using a campaign which HR-ON can set up for you.