International HR day 2024 is around the corner. Read this mini guide how to celebrate the day.

Why and How to Celebrate International HR Day 2024

Why and How to Celebrate International HR Day 2024 1200 628 HR-ON

Why and How to Celebrate International HR Day 2024

20 May 2024 marks International HR Day! Join us as we delve into this year’s theme, explore ways to celebrate the occasion, and understand why it’s important to celebrate HR and all HR professionals on this day. Here’s what you need to know about International HR Day 2024.

International HR Day (IHRD) is celebrated annually on 20 May. On this day, companies have the opportunity to highlight their HR department and their work. There are different ways to do that, and we will review some of the opportunities and why HR Day matters. 

But before continuing, let’s address the question: ‘What is International HR Day?’ Every year, HR professionals worldwide celebrate International HR Day. This global event honors the profession and HR’s impact on organizations and their employees. 

You may have reached out to HR sometime in your work life, whether you needed answers from reading the employee handbook or needed help during a challenging time. HR‘s role is to support and help employees. We’ve previously discussed and celebrated HR Day, but we’ll focus on its themes this year.

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And This Year’s Theme for International HR Day 2024 Is…

Every year, the European Association For People Management (EAPM) presents a theme for International Human Resource Day. EAPM has given us four themes this year: Championing Ethical Tech & AI Integration, Redefined Future Workplaces, Excellence in People Leadership & Continuous Investment in Skills and Education. 

There are four exciting themes for Human Resource Day! One may say they are all characterized by technology, development, and the future of HR. How do we then emphasize these for HR Day? No worries, we’ll answer your International HR Day wishes!

With four themes, you can choose one or more that are most relevant to your company or ask employees which topics they find interesting. We’ll provide one activity per theme. Human Resource Day isn’t just an event to be celebrated within the HR department but with everyone.

4 Ways to Celebrate International HR Day 2024

As an HR consultant or employee who works in an HR team daily, knows the HR universe, and has an HR system, you might look forward to International Human Resource Day. Why not spread the excitement with everybody else in the organization? Here are 4 ways to celebrate HR Day 2024:

If you want to focus on Championing Ethical Tech & AI Integration:
Morning Workshop on Ethics and Technology: Kick off your day with a shared breakfast and engage in a workshop where employees and leaders can delve into ethical dilemmas surrounding the use of technology in the workplace. Focus on making guidelines for the ethical use of technology and AI.

If you want to focus on Redefined Future Workplaces:
Design Challenge: Divide employees into teams and challenge them to design a future workplace that promotes innovation, collaboration, and well-being. At the end of the day, allow them to present their ideas for feedback and discussion.

If you want to focus on Excellence in People Leadership:
Internal Leadership Conference: Host an internal mini-conference featuring presentations from leaders within the organization sharing their best practices in people leadership and development. Follow up with a discussion session involving employees, noting relevant insights from the day.

If you want to focus on Continous Investment in Skills and Education:
Peer-to-Peer Exchange: Facilitate peer-to-peer exchange sessions where employees can share their expertise and experiences in various areas or tasks. Allocate some minutes for each employee to discuss and learn from multiple colleagues.

Why Should You Prioritize HR and HR Professionals for International HR Day 2024

HR plays a key role in developing, reinforcing, and changing an organization’s culture. Sometimes, change takes time to manifest, but HR is as crucial as any other department. That’s why International HR Day provides an excellent opportunity to spotlight HR and HR professionals.

On HR Day 2024, it’s fantastic to spotlight HR and give them team and department recognition. Remember that HR professionals also need motivation, and a simple ‘well done’ or ‘Happy Internal Human Resource Day‘ from a colleague can be the small gesture that makes a big difference. The day is a celebration for all.

Happy International HR Day 2024!

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FAQ: What is International HR Day?

  • International HR Day is an annual event celebrating and recognizing the HR function and professionals. In 2024, it will be celebrated on 20 May.

  • International HR Day is celebrated to spotlight HR departments, teams, and employees and acknowledge their efforts and significance within organizations.

  • HR is important as it plays a central role in developing and motivating employees. This is a focus during International HR Day, where we also discuss HR’s function.

  • HR stands for Human Resources, which refers to an organization’s employees.