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The Social Enterprise

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The social enterprise concept has regained momentum. In 2018, Deloitte published their Global Human Capital Trends stressing the importance of corporate citizenship. It is time we take a closer look at this concept.


What does ‘social enterprise’ mean?

The core of a social enterprise is defined by the term ‘citizenship’. Citizenship in its original sense grants an individual the rights of a person that is “born in a particular country” whilst fulfilling moral obligations that result from being a member of a society. So, in a business context, enterprises – as a member of society – are expected to behave in a responsible manner. Increasing stakeholder expectations, regarding the support of critical societal problems, demonstrate this trend quite clearly.

A social enterprise uses its influence on society in a positive way. For example by addressing issues, such as global warming, diversity or gender equal pay. Topics that are usually tackled in the political domain, are transferred to a business context as well.


And how does it work?

According to Josh Bersin, who is part of the team that researched and published the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2018, there are two main characteristics of a social enterprise. First, being a ‘networked organisation’ internally. And secondly, having a high focus on the impact each member of the company has on its external environment.


This sounds all very well, but what are the benefits of a social enterprise, especially when a CSR program is already in place?

The difference between those two terms can already be found in their wording. A social enterprise incorporates responsible behaviour in all its actions throughout the entire organisation – from interns to C-suite. A CSR program, is a plan that is put into place and does not necessarily impact the behaviour throughout the entire organisation.


Well, what are the benefits?

In the beginning a number of issues has been mentioned that are expected to be tackled by social enterprises, e.g. gender equal pay. The fact that these problems have become a matter of public discussion shows a trend towards transparency. A company acting with integrity can only benefit from being transparent.

Closely related to the trend towards transparency is the growing economic importance of the Generation Y. Millennials are informed and aware consumers, who show a strong tendency to define corporate citizenship as a decisive factor in their decision-making process before purchasing a product. Millennials represent 35% of the workforce until 2020 and a spending power of nearly $15tn by 2020. This is a competitive advantage, which shows great potential for future growth. A social enterprise serves customer and employer branding at the same time. Amongst others, this is a reason why an increased financial performance appears to be linked to corporate citizenship.


How can all this be put into practice?

A social enterprise focuses internally on supporting the well-being of its employees. For example a reward systems can be put in place. A pool of unstopped talent can be created by allowing employees to further develop their skills, and reinvents in themselves. To serve the external world, company goals and projects targeting social problems do not exclude each other. All in all remembering that we are living in a connected world, in which all technological advances cannot replace a human touch.

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Recruit the best talent through video

Recruit the best talent through video 1200 628 HR-ON

The recruitment process is growing more complex as our thirst for development increases in tact with technological progression. It is no surprise that we are focusing more and more on video content as studies show that in 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be driven by video. We are consuming more video material than ever before. Making it only a matter of time before all companies might recruit the best talent through video.

Big companies like Microsoft, Apple and Deloitte have been using video in their recruitment processes for years with great results. Both in terms of building brand awareness and candidate attraction. Now it’s time for smaller companies to get on board, or get left behind.

Start out with employer branding

Before you post a new job, work on your employer branding by marketing your company as a attractive workplace.

Define and write down the areas you want to show your uniqueness in. Build your employer branding and recruitment marketing in pursuance of showcasing your values and culture. Determine the future candidates profiles, and make a touch point analysis for the candidates journey.

Having a clear message in mind and a focused touch point interaction will help you be more specific and precise in your employer branding efforts. It’s a trial and error process. It is highly adjustable and helpful in pinpointing the marketing efforts that have a positive effect on your employer brand. While flushing out those that may harm your brand’s image.

The employees are a great asset. When they are satisfied with their workplace, have great employer experiences and believe in your values, they are willing to go the extra mile. This is seen in their daily tasks and in showing the whole world, that they are happy about being part of the company.

You can encourage your employees to be active brand ambassadors. By having a open policy where the individual is involved and informed about the happenings and direction the company is heading in. For example by organizing company events, as well as instigating the employees to come up with new ideas and be a part of content creation.

Cater to millennials

Design your employer branding strategy to also accommodate the future generation of candidates–millennials.

Direct your marketing efforts towards appealing to the younger generations. Focus on millennials, as they are becoming the main workforce. The job recruiting of the future needs to accommodate the needs of the new generation. The visibility and branding efforts that you are planning now, will have a impact on the perception the candidates will have about you and on which level you will appeal to them.

The type of content you want to share with the public needs to be relevant and interesting for the candidates, in form of text, pictures and of course video.

Your social media channels, job postings and your career page are a great place to exhibit your work environment. And a great channel to attract candidates that will fit and flourish in you company.

Offer video applications

You can take the usage of video to another level by including it throughout the candidate application process. Try thinking of ways you can recruit the best talent through video.

One simple example is having a team member describe the job posting in person, rather than a standard text posting. This gives candidates a sneak peak at what the job requires, who they would be working with, and what they can expect in such as role. This is far more engaging and effective way of engaging with the millenial job seeker. Especially if you are using social media as a distribution channel. 75% of millennials watches video on social media on a daily basis.

Another example, and a long-standing feature of HR-ON, is allowing candidates to submit a video. This could be the entirety of their application or in response to specific application questions. Today the majority of job seekers are browsing for jobs on their phones. Some even looking specifically for positions that allow for easy mobile submission. Why not give yourself a chance to recruit the best talent through video? So give these individuals the option to record a quick video, and you are more likely to have them consider the role rather than pass it right by.

While these are two simple examples of using video in the application process, there are sure to be others out there. Get creative! The objective here is to think like the candidate and make the process fun and engaging. In doing so, you will be on the right track to recruiting the best talent, building great teams, and telling the full story of what your organization is all about.

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