How will GDPR change the way we use Social media?

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How will GDPR change the way we use Social media?

How will GDPR change the way we use Social media? 1200 628 HR-ON

May is fast approaching, and the worries related to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are increasing. The date is fixed and the purpose is clear: this regulation will protect our personal data as any other law.

So far, we know that GDPR will touch every aspect of our life, from the private to the professional one. For example, the data that we will include in our CV will be protected by cloud-based systems, where the companies will be able to store every CV and cover letter received without storing personal data on their computers.

But what about the huge amount of data that we use when we are browsing our favourite social media sites, for example Facebook?

This article explores how GDPR will change the way we use Social media.

Facebook vs GDPR

Well, the group of Menlo Park didn’t want to be left behind and in order to be fully GDPR-compliant, will let the users manage their own data to protect their privacy. In the privacy section of your own profile, you can already read about their efforts to do so:

“The information you share on Facebook remains your property. This means that you decide what to share and with whom you share it on Facebook and you can even change your mind. That’s why we provide you with the tools to eliminate anything you have published. We remove deleted content from your diary and our servers. In addition, you can also delete your account at any time.”

They will be finally able to check who can see their content and the reactions to the posts. They will have the possibility to manage their tag on the posts and much more, in an easier and clearer way.

Moreover, the social media will let its privacy principle be public, in a surprising move of transparency. In the aftermath, pushed by the coming into force of the GDPR, Facebook will let the users know, how their data will be used. This will be possible thanks to a new control center, but it might result in some alterations in the way Facebook users will navigate the social media platform.

Less time on the newsfeed

In fact, Zuckerberg affirmed that this new strategy will probably decrease the amount of time spent on the platform. But this will probably be the best decision for its brand. There will be more transparency, more trust gained from the user perspective and a full compliance with the new European rule that is altering the whole world.

It is already possible to check the privacy principles of Facebook on this blog post.


And you? What changes are you making to your company’s social media, to accommodate the new GDPR?


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