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How Digital HR Tools like Time Tracking Software Can Streamline Your Workday and Ensure Legal Compliance

How Digital HR Tools like Time Tracking Software Can Streamline Your Workday and Ensure Legal Compliance 1200 628 HR-ON

How Digital HR Tools like Time Tracking Software Can Streamline Your Workday and Ensure Legal Compliance

Digitalization and HR are inherently intertwined. The latest example is the requirement for time tracking, which mandates that all your employees should be able to clock in and out during a workday. Implementing such a workflow is easiest with digital time tracking software. So, how do you make it seamless? Furthermore, how do you ensure you are up to speed in managing HR processes with digital tools?

It takes user-friendly digital tools to keep HR tasks together in 2024. A solid technological foundation is certainly a good place to start in tackling the array of tasks in HR.

HR is undoubtedly undergoing a rapid technological evolution. Supported by several reports, including one from the Institute for Future Studies featuring 38 strategic HR trends likely to influence companies leading up to 2030, AI and ChatGPT are reported to be daily used tools in HR.

Furthermore, automated management will play a growing role through digital assessments of employees’ well-being regarding health, collaboration, and overall satisfaction. With the increasing use of digital tools for task management, you’ll find it easier to streamline your workflow processes, freeing up time to engage in face-to-face interactions with your team members.

And where to start? It can be tough to pick the right HR tools, but we still believe the top three are a time tracking system, AI for job postings, and an HR system.

Are You Ready for Digitalization in HR?

View the New Time Tracking Software as Your Helping Hand

The need for digital tools is constantly evolving, as is HR legislation. Consider GDPR and how it has changed the way data should (and should not) be collected and handled—both in recruitment processes and in managing employee data

This also applies to the latest requirement from the EU: that employers must provide a time tracking software for employees to record their working hours daily.

Fortunately, electronic platforms exist to handle all of these tasks, providing your company with a system that facilitates compliance with current rules and regulations, including those regarding time tracking.

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By utilizing a digital time tracking system like the one included with HR-ON Staff, employees can seamlessly check in at the start of their workday. This process is easily accessible via PC or smartphone (the latter if you purchase the StaffBuddy app). Whether it’s a quick click of the mouse or a tap on their phone screen, employees can also manage breaks throughout the day and check out effortlessly when the workday concludes.

For those responsible for overseeing time tracking within your company, our system provides a clear and intuitive means of data collection. Moreover, you’ll have a comprehensive view of the projects employees are engaged in, along with their time allocation for each task. Our tool is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to customize breaks, projects, and work locations to align with your requirements.

Do You Use AI? Enhance Your Job Posting with Artificial Intelligence

Digital tools today often incorporate AI, or artificial intelligence, to streamline processes. In HR-ON Recruit, our recruitment system, you have access to an AI assistant. With just a click and a few keywords, this AI assistant can swiftly generate a draft for your job posting, making the process effortless and efficient.

You can provide the assistant with keywords such as ‘write a job posting for a primary school seeking a full-time teacher for upper grades, specializing in Danish, Social Studies, and Physical Education.’ Within seconds, you’ll receive a draft of the job posting, ready for immediate use or customization. 

An example of an AI generated job post

Additionally, you can instruct the AI assistant to adjust the tone of the job posting to be more serious or humorous, among other commands. You can also request proofreading and translation of the job posting into another language.

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FAQ: Which digital tools besides a time tracking software should HR have?

  • A time tracking software like the one you can get with HR-ON Staff ensures that your employees can check in and out daily. At the same time, you get a user-friendly tool for generating data extracts.

  • One of the things that will become more prominent in the future of HR is automated management. This means that employees’ well-being, health, and collaboration among colleagues can be monitored through digital measurements, which are automatically distributed to employees regularly.

  • There are plenty of digital tools on the market to handle tasks within HR. With HR-ON Staff, you can secure the storage of personal data (GDPR), a time tracking system, automated processes for onboarding and offboarding, tools for employee development interviews, workplace assessments, and more.

  • One of the advantages of HR-ON’s time tracking software is that it’s easy for you in HR to extract data about employees’ time tracking. Additionally, it is a simple and intuitive system for your employees to use.