Lift Your Recruitment Process – Let the Candidate Schedule Their Interview

Lift Your Recruitment Process – Let the Candidate Schedule Their Interview 1200 628 HR-ON

Lift Your Recruitment Process – Let the Candidate Schedule Their Interview

Setting up interviews with several different candidates can be time-consuming. HR-ON Recruit includes a function that will make this an issue of the past as it allows the candidates to book their own interview within a timeframe that you define.

The endless stream of emails going back and forth and a calendar coordinating with all parties involved in the recruitment process can seem like a never-ending headache. As a recruitment officer, this process feels practically inevitable. 

But there is a way to streamline this process and give you more time for the tasks that matter. The solution is found on the HR-ON recruitment platform, HR-ON Recruit. This platform includes a feature where you can let your candidates schedule their own interviews within a timescale of your choice.

Let Your Candidates Schedule Their Interviews – It’s a Real-Time Saver!

When you use the HR-ON Recruit function “Schedule interview,” you allow the candidate to schedule the interview based on different meeting times that you decide. It means that you choose the interview duration and possible times and dates. The candidate can then book the interview time that fits them the best. As the different candidates schedule their interviews, these options will disappear to the remaining candidates.  

When you apply this function, you create an effective recruitment process and clear more time in your own calendar. It allows this part of the process to run on its own while you can keep track of who booked an interview and when.

Which Situations Call for This Function?

In some cases, using the “schedule your interview”-function makes more sense than others. If you are calling in candidates for a second round of interviews, and it only concerns two candidates, sending out these invitations with a pre-scheduled time may be better. After all, coordinating people’s calendars is easier when it only involves a few people.  

However, using the function will save you time and resources if it involves more than a handful of candidates. This way, you will avoid rescheduling the interviews in case the times you decided on won’t work for your candidates.

Not yet an HR-ON customer? Don’t worry! Grab your demo today and get to know HR-ON Recruit and the “Schedule your own interview”-function.