HR-ON’s value-based management approach empowers employees

HR-ON’s value-based management approach empowers employees 1200 627 HR-ON

HR-ON’s value-based management approach
empowers employees

Unlimited holidays, fully flexible working hours, unlimited parental leave, and a financial share in the success of the company.

These are all aspects of HR-ON’s new employee manifesto, which was created and launched in October 2021, in a joint effort by leadership and employees.

The launch of the manifesto has been very well received by employees and also by the wider public. Both local and national media have also taken an interest in the story. The Danish national TV + Radio company, TV2, popped into HR-ON’s office this week to film some interviews with the CEO and employees.

“Employees are free to choose their working hours at HR-ON, and we have unlimited holidays. If an employee needs more than five weeks’ holiday for whatever reasons, they can take it, because we trust each other and care about each other’s well-being.”

– HR-ON CEO and Founder, Ali Cevik. 

This approach to working life, as outlined in the employee manifesto, is characterised by value-based self-management. This approach shifts the focus from time to results, from control to trust, and from hierarchy to open dialogue.

The success of the company is dependent on the employees’ innovation and commitment to the brand, therefore it is crucial that we create an environment that prioritises well-being, in which all employees can thrive. This applies to both professional and private life. We have confidence in our employees that they can find a balance which suits them.

This approach moves away from the traditional way of managing life in the workplace. CEO and founder of HR-ON, Ali E. Cevik, believes that the current legislation for the labour market is based on the norms and framework of the industrial sector, and therefore does not fit the needs of a modern workplace, based on shared-values and trust.

“In my parents’ generation, there was a conflict of interest between employers and employees. We want to get away from that division. We are dependent on each other. In my parents’ time, the factory owner could just hire someone else. I can not. My colleagues are unique.”

Employee Stories

It’s one thing to hear about the manifesto from the CEO and leadership team, but what do HR-ON’s employees think about it, and how does it affect their everyday lives?

Internally, many aspects of the ‘new’ employee manifesto have in fact been a part of HR-ON’s corporate culture for many years. Therefore, the employees have experienced most of the ideas and were able to collaborate with the leadership team to discuss and write each section of the manifesto, before it was released to the wider public.

This also means that the employees already have first hand stories of how HR-ON’s flexible corporate culture affects them. A number of employees come forward to share their stories.

“When you have a newborn baby, you sometimes need a bit more time at home in the morning. This way I can come to work with a clear conscience knowing that I have taken time for my child”

Darlene Dilla Frandsen, Developer at HR-ON.

See more employee stories below. 

There has been a lot of interest and curiosity about practicing this approach and running a business based on trust and shared values. HR-ON has therefore decided to hold a webinar, where we will explain the thought process behind our employee manifesto. Members of the leadership team, as well as employees will be ready to answer questions and queries. We look forward to discussing this forward-thinking corporate culture with you, and we hope to inspire and help other businesses take a step in the same direction.

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(Please note, this webinar will be held in Danish)