HR-ON is Premium Partner at largest HR-tech conference in Northern Europe

HR-ON is Premium Partner at largest HR-tech conference in Northern Europe 1200 628 HR-ON

HR-ON is Premium Partner at largest HR-tech conference in Northern Europe

HR-ON will have a prominent role at HRtechX, the largest HR-tech conference in Northern Europe. The conference is taking place later this year on 4th November 2021, and will bring together HR professionals and C-level executives, including some of Europe’s most influential speakers in the HR-tech world.

The conference aims to prepare companies and their employees for the future of HR, by sharing knowledge on new perspectives and future trends relating to HR technology. The list of speakers boasts an impressive selection of HR tech experts

The conference will focus on three key area within HR; Talent acquisition and candidate experience, Talent management and employee experience, and Strategic HR & Leadership.

These topics are highly relevant to HR-ON’s work, which is why we are the Premium Partners for this conference. HR-ON CEO, Ali E. Cevik, is giving a keynote speech alongside other HR tech experts from Microsoft, IKEA, LEGO, among others. Ali will discuss the values which characterise HR-ON as a company; most importantly diversity and value-added leadership.

In addition, Christian Hansen, HR-ON’s CTO, will participate in a panel discussion at the HRtechX conference. The topic of Christian’s panel debate is: “Personalizing the candidate experience through people analytics & AI”.

From Shepherd to Software CEO

Ali E. Cevik’s career path is impressive and motivational for all.

In this keynote speech, Ali will share the inspirational story of his unique journey from the Anatolian plateau to the management of an innovative HR-tech company. Ali’s speech will highlight the common values between these two worlds. In particular his approach to creating meaningful relationships, and how this helped him build a forward-thinking workplace, based on shared values, diversity and freedom, encouraging high employee motivation and engagement.

Check out a previous article about Ali’s Unusual Journey to Success

Artificial Intelligence within recruitment

“The future is here, and it will reshape the way we think about recruitment”, Christian Hansen, CTO at HR-ON.

In the future, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and AI will be a key part of recruitment. Christian Hansen believes that the development of technological tools will recreate and reshape the ways in which recruitment is carried out in the future.

HR-ON has written a number of articles about the future of HR, for example, consider reading: Corona outbreak bringing us closer to the future of HR 

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We are excited about attending the largest HR tech conference in Northern Europe, amd we cant to share our excitement with our customers, friends and partners, and followers. That’s why wer’re giving you the chance to win 2 tickets to the event. Head to our LinkedIn or Instagram channels to see the competition details.

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HR-ON also attended the last edition of the HRtechX conference in 2019.

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