Onboarding: How to ensure a solid start with onboarding

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How to ensure a solid start with onboarding

Plan the perfect start with our Onboarding Checklist – find the onboarding checklist at the bottom

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should plan an onboarding process before you welcome your new colleague. On top of paving the way for a steady outset where your new coworker feels embraced in their new workplace, you also increase the chances of this person staying with their new job for longer.

According to the book “Onboarding – flyvende fra start” the cold hard facts are that close to 25 % of all new hires leave their jobs within the first year of their employment and 4 % actually never return after their first day at work. To avoid being a part of those sad statistics it is crucial that you plan out a solid onboarding program before greeting your new coworker on their first day of work.

A study from Glassdoor shows that planning out a thorough onboarding process can support your retention of new hires by 82 % and the productivity with over 70 %. Now, that’s a perk worth working for.

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is a term used for the process of welcoming and introducing your new hire to their workplace. One way to do this is to make sure the employee is properly introduced to the workplace culture. This is also where you make sure the relationship with their new coworkers is off to a great start, as well as verifying the requirements that make your new hire perform their best.

The new employee’s success is often dependent on the onboarding process, so making sure you have a good one will save you both time and money.

It is a good idea to prepare your new employee before their first day, to ensure a good onboarding process. We call this the preboarding. With HR-ONs HR-system, HR-ON Staff, you can connect the pre-boarding as well as your on-boarding checklist in our process management system.

No specific it-skills are required to set up this process, and you can use it again and again for new hires. Once it has been set up, it will be a real time saver – learn more about Preboarding and get your free preboarding checklist here.

Create a sense of belonging by handing out assignments early on

The goal of creating a good onboarding is to make the new hire feel like part of the team. This means that you have to give the new player on the team the best shot at establishing relationships with the rest of the employees. The first step is to properly welcome them to the team and make sure they are introduced to their team members, while also giving the new hire a chance to present themselves.

After this you can take whatever steps that fits the best with the culture of your organization. One of the first steps, however, should be introducing your new staff member to some of their assignments. Assigning tasks early on is actually an advantage, as it can give the employee a sense of contributing to the company. Giving the new hire tasks to resolve will also increase their sense of belonging and give them the best chance of coming off to a solid start and settling into their new workplace.

There are other important steps that can ensure a good onboarding process that we will elaborate below. Overall, they are useful tools that make sure the employee has access to relevant systems, knows the name of their new colleagues and who to get in touch with if they should have any questions.

Tools and checklist for a successful onboarding

At HR-ON we wish to create the best premises for you to set up a solid onboarding process. That’s why we have designed the tool “Processes” for you, that you will find in HR-ON Staff. This way you only have to set up the different steps in the onboarding process once, and after this you can connect the employees who are going to be part of the process. This could be people like the contact person, the nearest leader and of course the new colleague.

This way you have a blueprint for a thorough onboarding process that can be used time and time again. It is easy to adjust the blueprint if you need to, so it adapts to the staff member you wish to onboard.  

On top of this we have drawn up an Onboarding Checklist that you can download below. The checklist is based off of best practices that works for multiple organizations, no matter field or size. This way you can check off every step as the onboarding progresses. It can also be used to crosscheck with the onboarding procedure you might already have created in HR-ON Staff.

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is the steps and tasks you do when a new employee is starting at the company. It is here you introduce the new coworker to the culture, rules and the task which they will handle.

Why is onboarding important?

Onboarding is important to ensure a god start and solid relations to the new coworkers. It also ensure that the new employee knows whats important and can translate that into value fast.