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Preboarding: Give Your New Employees the Best Start With Preboarding

Preboarding: Give Your New Employees the Best Start With Preboarding 1200 628 HR-ON

Give your new employees the best start with preboarding

Find our preboarding checklist below.

Say you have found and hired a new employee. Are you ready to give the employee the best beginning in the company? One way to ensure a good start is with preboarding, that is, the processes that take place before the new employee’s first workday. Following some simple but essential steps can create the best possible foundation for your new co-worker. 

When having an excellent preboarding, you ensure the employee feels welcome. Still, you are also securing the company: the chances that the employee will stay at the company and not seek a new job are higher when you have planned an excellent preboarding. The same applies to onboarding. When these two processes are successful, they will benefit the new employee and the company.  

Giving your new employees the best start is beneficial for all. Firstly, it is a serious responsibility that every company should consider and work on all the time. Secondly, the employee’s skill set can be used and flourish immediately when the new co-worker has a good, smooth, and successful start.

A successful preboarding is the building block for a successful onboarding   

Preboarding sets the tone for other processes in the recruitment cycle. Letting the new employee come to the office, meet the coworkers and have time to take it all in before their first official workday means that the employee will be less nervous or stressed. 

Preboarding is not something a manager or HR plans – it could easily include your current employees. Let them have a part in the process as well. They will soon have a new co-worker and a new working relationship, but remember that this is when the new employee has the time to read your policies, employee handbook, etc. There is homework for everybody. 

We want to help you in your preboarding process, which is why we have made a checklist that you can use. The list contains easy steps to seamless preboarding. If you have HR-ON Staff, you can easily compare the checklist with the preboarding process you have designed in the HR platform. You can also adjust your Preboarding Engagement Builder to the checklist.

Get our checklist to a successful preboarding

Remember, you can use the checklist in combination with HR-ON Staff. You can automate everything, which means you can use your preboarding process repeatedly. 

You can download the checklist down below.

What is preboarding?

Preboarding is the process that takes place before onboarding. During the preboarding period, you have the time to collect all relevant and necessary information about the new employee.

Why is preboarding important?

Preboarding is especially important when the recruitment process is lengthy. If the new employee has a job, the shift to the new job can take some time. With a preboarding process, you can ensure the new employee feels welcome and ready before their first workday.