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HR-ON: Tech with a Human Touch

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There are a vast number of tech companies out there today. Therefore, in order to beat the competition, software providers have to offer something extra. Having a fantastic product isn’t enough. It’s the human element of the service that will make an IT company stand out from the crowd. At HR-ON, we believe it is important to strike a balance between digitally optimized processes, and human interaction. Therefore, giving our customers the best of both worlds.

Daunting digitalisation

For some people, the idea of automated processes and AI technology in the workplace is still quite daunting. An article by American business magazine Forbes looks at data collected by Voxpro / TELUS International, to conclude that:

‘while there is appetite to use new digital and AI-powered tools’, many customers ‘still prefer to engage with real people’ as well.

Within HR and recruitment specifically, there has been a high level of digitalisation in recent years. For example, Artificial intelligence is now being used to speed up the recruitment process by doing the initial filtering of candidates, among other things. In addition, intelligent HR software, like HR-ON Staff, make it possible to optimise everyday HR tasks.

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Some HR professionals worry that with more and more companies adopting HR software systems, there will be fewer jobs for humans. However, HR-ON CEO, Ali E. Cevik, is certain that HR software will in fact create more jobs, and jobs that are more interesting. He believes that “HR will never exist without the human touch”. He continued to say:

“Without HR and recruitment software, employees spend most of their time on mundane admin tasks, and therefore have little time for human interaction. HR software can take care of these everyday admin tasks, leaving skilled employees with more interesting tasks and more time to focus on the human touch.  Also, the vast amounts of data mean that we have more knowledge behind the decisions we make.”

HR-ON developer Rasmus Knudsen

HR-ON: Tech with a Human Touch

In order to get the perfect balance of tech with a human touch, software companies should be regularly focusing their attention on the human interaction offered to clients. And its important to advertise the humans behind the software, as well as the software itself. Here are a few things HR-ON focuses on:

Friendly customer support team

HR-ON has a friendly customer support team, who are available to help over the phone or by email. The support team are based in the same office as the system developers, meaning they can work together to get customer issues sorted fast.

In addition, HR-ON takes customer feedback very seriously and works in collaboration with customers to produce, develop and perfect the software.

The humans behind the software

At HR-ON, we believe it is important to show our customers and followers the humans behind the software. On HR-ON’s website, you can ‘Meet the team‘ and see photos of all employees. In fact, all photos used on HR-ON’s website are of real employees. This means that the faces you see on the website are the same people you meet when coming into the company offices.

Also, when new employees join the team, an article is published to briefly introduce their background and skills. The main human behind HR-ON’s software is Ali E. Cevik, the CEO and founder of the company. It’s therefore not a surprise that there is an article dedicated to the interesting journey that led him to create HR-ON.

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Another important way for a company to produce tech with a human touch, is to put time and effort into creating a meaningful visual design. HR-ON has an in-house design team. By being an active part of the company, these design experts are able to create a visual design which portrays the company’s identity and culture.

HR-ON’s Creative Director, Björgvin Gudjonsson, explains that the human aspect of design work is very important. He said that his design team works closely with the marketing team to develop and evolve the company’s visual identity:

“We started by identifying the key words and values associated with HR-ON. Who we are, what we stand for and why we do what we do. The company’s visual design is constantly evolving, based on these core values.”

“We use a mixture of photos of real employees, as well as specifically designed illustrations. Our ‘geometric universe’ centres around the circle shape, which is taken from the company’s logo. The circle visually portrays HR-ON’s tagline: ‘Come Full Circle’, which refers to HR-ON’s 360° HR software solutions.”

This summer, the slogan From Denmark With Love’ was born. This portrays the friendly, organic nature of the company. The visual design of this slogan relaces the word ‘love’ with a heart symbol. This shows the double meaning of the slogan. Firstly, ‘From Denmark with love’ portrays, in a sincere and ‘warm’ way, that HR-ON is proud to be a Danish-born business, with all teams based in Denmark, including developers and support staff. The second meaning is that HR-ON’s work comes ‘from the heart’. Most importantly, this slogan highlights the human touch behind HR-ON’s software.

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