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From onboarding to offboarding, and everything in between, HR-ON Staff is a powerful and intuitive tool that is designed to make life easier by managing all of your HR processes in one place.


Like all HR-ON solutions, HR-ON Staff is secure, fully responsive, and cloud-based which means you can access your data at anytime from any device. Request a demo today.


  • All of your employee data and HR processes in one, secure place
  • Cloud-based for easy access anywhere at anytime
  • Ready-made and customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Integrates with existing enterprise, productivity, and HR-specific tools


We know that staying on top of all of the short term and long term needs of your employees can be a challenge. With one central dashboard, you have insight into all the processes, assignments, responsibilities, and deadlines across your organization as well as easy access to important documents and data for quick decision making.


Tired of wasting time on repetitive HR tasks? HR-ON Staff allows you to define your HR processes just once, share them across your organization, and sit back and reap the benefits of faster employee onboarding, better employee integration, and an all-around more productive organization.

EU lov


HR-ON Staff has been developed to comply with the EU Personal Data Regulation, GDPR. Special precautions have built into the system to avoid both basic and complex breaches like personal information being sent via emails or attachments.

As a system administrator, you always have full control of your data with the ability to add and delete information as well as to pull documentation for the processing of personal information if needed.



HR-ON Staff is flexible and easy to integrate with the top enterprise, productivity, and HR-specific solutions on the market. Additionally, our ready-made dashboards get you up and running in minutes and give you the ability to easily customize a solution that fits the needs of your organization.

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contact us via phone at +45 71 99 07 27 or send us an email at support@hr-on.com

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