OB’s sponsors visit HR-ON

NetOB event hos HR-ON

OB’s sponsors visit HR-ON

OB’s sponsors visit HR-ON 1225 641 HR-ON

HR-ON is proud to sponsor Odense’s super league football club, OB.

As part of this connection HR-ON invited OB’s sponsors to a networking event full of hygge at their headquarters.

Roughly 120 people from OB’s sponsors, showed up and made themselves comfy in the movie theatre Nordisk Film, which is right next to HR-ON’s headquarters.

Despite HR-ON’s move to a bigger location with a conference room there simply was not enough space for the overwhelming attendance of this particular event. Which is why part of the event took place in the movie theatre next door. HR-ON made the most of the venue by using video, sound and light effects to give the crowd an amazing experience.

The first guests arrived at roughly quarter past 7 in the morning to participate in the pre-networking breakfast event. HR-ON had converted their conference room into a morning café.

After breakfast the guest headed next door. Frank Andersen, OB’s Sponsor Consultant, formally welcomed the guests and let them know about the new sponsors of OB. Frank Andersen also announced OB’s new engagement with start-ups. HR-ON is seen as a model and example of a successful company which has moved beyond the start-up phase.

HR-ON was founded in 2012 and now by 2020 has roughly 40 employees and 300 customers. They operate both nationally and internationally with companies in both the public and private sectors.

Rasmus Festersen til NetOB evenr

From footballer to the IT industry

HR-ON’s PR and Communications Director, Rasmus Festersen, who was one of the presenters at the event, previously played football for OB. He started his presentation with his tale of the transition from professional footballer to working in the IT industry. The main purpose of his speech was to inform the guests about who and what HR-ON is.

Rasmus Festersen and CEO, Ali Cevik, told how the software company went from a start-up to an established company. HR-ON has user-friendly and innovative platforms. The recipe for success, according to Festersen and Cevik, is the value-based approach to the software and the dynamic to develop the software in-house.

The Smash Man from Zirkus Nemo or Mourinho?

in addition to the professional content, it is somewhat of a tradition at OB’s networking breakfast meetings, to include a gimmick or competition. For this event, HR-ON had partnered up with OB’s Sales Executive, Claus Madsen. Claus, in a jokingly way, asked for the input of the sponsors to find a new Sponsor Consultant.

The competition used HR-ON’s AppBuilder feature, which is part of HR-ON Staff. Here all the sponsors could make their suggestion for the character profile they wanted as the new Sponsor Consultant.

The character profile was skewed, and you can see who was the best match in our custom created CV database here: