Streamline the recruitment process and focus on what’s important

Streamline the recruitment process

Streamline the recruitment process and focus on what’s important

Streamline the recruitment process and focus on what’s important 1200 628 HR-ON

Recruitment can be time- and money- consuming. Therefore, you have to use your time in the most effective way, by getting to know the candidates in depth before you make your final decision. The personal interview provides an obvious possibility for you to do that. But first, you have to make the burden of administration lighter. This article will help you streamline your recruitment process and focus on what’s important.


Many recruiters spend an enormous amount of time printing and screening CVs and sending out answers to the applicants, usually one by one.

During the last year, a leading player on the market of biogas in Denmark, NGF Nature Energy, hired 35 new employees using the HR-ON recruitment system. Their experience is positive:  “Adopting the many automated functions in this dynamic online system, has made my work a lot easier, “ says HR-consultant Debbie Larsen.

Likewise, the jewellery company DYRBERG/KERN is now leading their recruitment process by using HR-ON: “In every way, it has become a lot easier to handle all the processes associated with recruitment. Sometimes we seek candidates for two different jobs at the same time. Before, we had to keep an eye on the subject line in our emails to separate the applicants from each other. Now the system just manages that for us,” says Pernille Stoltze, HR Administrator at DYRBERG/KERN.


For many recruiters, it feels safe just to follow the well-known routines and procedures. And implementing a new IT work tool may be a bit intimidating for some. But innovation is not always difficult, and with HR-ON it pays off: “My IT-skills are definitely not that good. Luckily, using the HR-ON recruitment system there is no need for them. After only 10 minutes of introduction, I understood how to use the system because of its intuitive and logical structure,” says Senior Manager of Operations and HR, Gitte Trier, from the engineering company Topteam.

For Gitte, it is often a time-consuming and complex process to find and connect with the right candidates. “We need candidates with very specific skills and knowledge about our industry. Apparently, Denmark doesn’t have enough of these people.”

Therefore, Gitte finds it absolutely necessary to have a flexible and international tool for recruitment. “HR-ON is a very dynamic system. If I can’t find the functions needed I just call the HR-ON support-team who helps me realizing my ideas. The customized solution provides an excellent opportunity for me to reach my target audience,” she concludes.


By following the advice of this article and streamlining the recruitment process of your business, you can save both time and money.



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