HR-ON and Planday optimize your communication and scheduling.

With an all-in-one system, complexity is reduced, and work becomes more efficient. Now you can integrate HR-ON Staff with Planday and gather your essential tools in one place. Enhance communication and scheduling between your departments and employees, making the day run smoothly with an intuitive platform.

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Planday simplifies personnel management

With Planday, you can gather all information about your work in one place. Since 2004, Planday has worked with great employees to make workforce management and communication easier.

A solution for all businesses – regardless of size

Regardless of the size of your business, it should be easy to operate. With Planday, you can easily manage your staff’s availability, set up shift schedule templates quickly, view financial reports, and thus have the opportunity to focus on the big picture of your business.

In addition to your company’s size, Planday can work regardless of the industry you’re in. Whether retail or healthcare, you’ll be up and running quickly with an easy system implementation.

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Want to know more?

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