Friends & Partners

We have great friends with great knowledge

HR-ON partners with all types of organizations and companies. We are proud of the trust and sparring we get from them. Small and large businesses, private and public, commercial and non-profit. Our friends bring us joy in our daily worklife and help us grow as an innovative tech company.


Den klassiske rekrutteringsproces udfordres, fordi mange af de klassiske elementer ikke er mulige at gennemføre på samme måde. Det er ikke kun et problem, men også en enestående mulighed for at gentænke rekrutteringsprocessen og fokusere på kandidaternes talent og potentiale.

Diversity Charter Odense

In line with the inclusive internal working environment we have created here at HR-ON, with a focus on common values and diversity, we are also part of the Odense Diversity Charter. At HR-ON we not only accommodate, but also appreciate diversity among our employees, and we consider diversity as a source of development and growth.


HR-ON has entered into collaboration with the Danish tech company Innoflow. Innoflow offer software for case-based recruitment, with anonymised cases, so that decisions are made solely based on the competences of candidates.


750 million+ members | Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.


Odense Boldklub er Fyns største sportsbrand, og vi vil være med til at bygge langvarige relationer, værdiskabende samarbejdsaftaler og nyde professionelle oplevelser til både hjernen og hjertet.


Med HR-ON Staffs åbne API og NHC's know-how kan du integrere til de systemer, som du allerde bruger. Hvis du fx er glad for dit nuværende regnskabs-, løn- eller beskedsystem, vil det kunne integreres. HR-ON Staff fungerer naturligvis også gnidningsfrit med dit rekrutteringssystem fra HR-ON.

Technology Denmark

At HR-ON we are proud to be part of Technology Denmark, a collaboration of partners from the business community, research institutions and members of the public. Technology Denmark offers a forum for inspiration, knowledge sharing and networking, as well as investment opportunities in programs that create talent for the industry.


Build the perfect career page with HR-ON’s Umbraco Connector. HR-ON has become the first company in the HR space to join Umbraco’s vast network, bringing you endless opportunities for smoother integrations. Use the HR-ON plugin to seamlessly create the perfect career page on your website.

Voices from Ådalen

HR-ON has teamed up with ‘Stemmer fra Ådalen’ to produce a new series of podcasts in the magazine SFÅ Business. SFÅ Business is an independent podcast about Odense Football Club (OB) off the field, for those who are interested in strategy, management, sponsor networks – and links between the field and business.


HR-ON and Zenegy Danmark ApS have joined forces on a joint solution and integration, which provides easier workflows and greater employee satisfaction, using simple automations. Get an idea of how this can benefit your organization.