An HR-ON perspective on a diverse workplace

Different people with different

An HR-ON perspective on a diverse workplace

An HR-ON perspective on a diverse workplace 1200 628 HR-ON


Having a diverse workplace, as in our company HR-ON, can be an immense advantage, not only from a personal point of view, but above all business-wise.

In this article, we will list the positive changes that we have experienced by having a diverse workplace with colleagues from different cultures and with disparate backgrounds.

  1. A continuous flow of great ideas

    In a diverse workplace, engaging in personal and professional experiences together can be like a volcanic eruption of brilliant ideas. Most of the new features in our e-recruitment system were born in this way!

  2. A considerable ability to adapt

    Many of our co-workers come from other countries than Denmark. So they have had to adapt to life here. And because of a diverse workplace, this is no problem at all. And, they will definitely spice up your working day!

  3. An improvement in your company culture

    Today, it’s all about employer branding, and you will have a powerful recruitment tool by setting up a diverse and talented team.

  4. An enhancement to applicant variety

    If a future applicant checks your company page, and sees that the company is diverse, they will feel more encouraged to apply. This has even been the case with some of our colleagues.

  5. A wider range of abilities

    Every culture has many peculiar characteristics that can be translated to professional skills. And also personal abilities to use as an advantage for your company. Some of us are more structured and analytical and others are more “free-thinkers”. However, we managed to find the right balance and to learn a lot from each other.

  6. Many new perspectives

    Do you have a problem you just can’t seem to find the solution to? A different perspective is what you need! Therefore, ask your co-workers and you might find a solution.

  7. An exciting boost to your productivity

    When the employees are in a good environment, their productivity and commitment to the company increase considerably. Our developers couldn’t agree more!

  8. More challenges to face

    Working with similar people might seem more comfortable and easy. While a multicultural and diverse environment might seem more challenging. But, in the long run it will be more rewarding and exciting to work in such an environment.



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Birthe, Customers Support & Communication:

We are about 18 people at our office, and we represent eight different countries. I like the variety of the languages and cultures. Because it’s nice to be able to practice my language skills. And partly because it gives a nice vibe to the office when we’re not all from the same country, with the same traditions. We hear about other traditions and cultures – and we taste different food!

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Bjorgvin, Brand Manager:

The benefit of working in a diverse workplace, is that you get to know a lot of fantastic people,. They have useful and inspiring personal and professional trades, that you can learn a lot from. It’s all about working together, finding our strengths and weaknesses and to develop as professionals in the most optimal way – “taking the best of both worlds”

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Yelizaveta, Marketing and Sales Coordinator

For me it’s an everlasting source of learning from each other, which allows to solve issues in a faster and more effective way. Diversity keeps changing and improving crucial things around in a better way.


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