Diversity is part of HR-ON’s DNA

Mangfoldighed er en del af HR-ONs DNA

Diversity is part of HR-ON’s DNA

Diversity is part of HR-ON’s DNA 1200 628 HR-ON

What is diversity?

Diversity in the workplace covers many topics. It can refer to differences in gender, age, religion, ethnic origin, sexuality, education, work experience, attitudes, interests and much more.

There are numerous benefits to a diverse workforce. It is important for the company that everyone can contribute their own unique set of skills. In this way, you get more perspectives on a specific work task. This can give better results, compared to if the employees’ points of view are similar.

But there are also financial advantages, improved competitiveness and stronger professional relationships within the firm. According to an ISS survey, diverse companies earn an average of 12.6 percentage points more than their competitors. But there are also other motivations to prioritize diversity.

Ali E. Cevik, founder and CEO of HR-ON, believes that diversity makes a workplace more attractive.

“It is also a very beneficial to your employer brand to be able to highlight diversity and values ​​instead of the classic financial incentives,” he says.

Ali E. Cevik continues:

“Diversity can be perceived in many different ways. For some it is about ethnicity, for others gender, and for others it is perhaps more cultural or social. In reality there is no one clear answer. Diversity is allowing people of all different identities to come together and characterize the project, the community, the framework we now have. Everyone has something to offer if we make room for them.”

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Ali E. Cevik er CEO i HR-ON og har grundlagt virksomheden.

Ali E. Cevik, CEO, HR-ON

When the company’s DNA is diverse

For HR-ON, diversity is a key factor and has had a huge impact right from the start of the company. HR-ON’s staff is diverse in several different ways. There are female developers, employees working in the office in Denmark originating from several different countries (England, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Germany) as well as from very different backgrounds (including a primary school teacher, a professional football player and a Shepherd).

“Diversity and the varied viewpoints and input it provides are a cornerstone of HR-ON’s success,” says Ali E. Cevik, adding:

“In order to deliver innovative solutions, we need a diverse team. I have worked with diversity for a long time. Suddenly, a framework has arrived, suddenly it has become legitimate, suddenly there are some concepts that explain it all”.

This is one of the reasons why the IT company prioritizes joining a network such as Diversity Charter Odense. Through this network, HR-ON can help continue this focus on diversity. Recently, HR-ON hosted an event for this network.

You can meet HR-ON’s employees here and watch short video clips about life at HR-ON here.

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HR-ON hosted the Diversity Charter Executive Lounge in collaboration with the Municipality of Odense

Management should be able to see the benefits of diversity

The creation of a diverse company starts with the recruitment of employees. And in that regard, a proper recruitment tool is important.

When Ali E. Cevik developed the HR-ON Recruit recruitment platform, the goal was for companies to recruit for diversity and values ​​instead of looking solely at competencies. Therefore, the tool in the system which allows flexible sorting of candidates is an important aspect:

“You have to refrain from seeing sorting as a negative mechanism, choosing only the same candidates as you usually do. Instead, one can recruit with diversity in mind by targeting women, for example, or people of different ethnic backgrounds, ”says Ali E. Cevik.

He often finds that the problem is not a lack of HR and recruitment motivation, but rather of tools and support from management :

“You will need to have a  flexible recruitment system , insight into your current employee portfolio, as well as support from management if diversity is to succeed. But then you will be able to look forward to positive results, ” says Ali E. Cevik.

Birgitte Baadegaard is a diversity expert. She points out the importance of having a diverse workplace. And she says that this must be a top priority for management in order for it to succeed.

“It must be made essential to top management so that it is not just an idea from HR and recruitment,” says Birgitte Baadegaard.

We have talked to Birgitte Badegaard in the past. Read more of her tips here and here.

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We depend on diversity

In the global world, business and industry become more linked. According to Torben Møller-Hansen, director of an organisation called ‘Foreningen Nydansker’ (or ‘New Danish Association’ in English), it is difficult to imagine a Danish company that would not benefit from diversity among its employees:

All industries need to understand international consumers, digitization and service. And the better you understand other cultures in that context, the stronger you stand as a company, ”says Torben Møller-Hansen.

In addition to the specific areas that diversity can provide insight into, Torben Møller-Hansen points out that diversity can also contribute to asking new questions about products or about the company. And new questions can be an important step towards innovation.

Diversity provides better jobs

In relation to creating more job satisfaction among employees, the survey ‘Good Workforce Index 2015’ also points out that positive relationships with colleagues and management are by far the most important elements of a good working life.

Here, a diverse workplace can precisely contribute to the promotion of learning, creativity and innovation, and these are important elements in creating close relationships in the workplace.