7 easy tips for dealing with stress in the HR department

Dealing with stress

7 easy tips for dealing with stress in the HR department

7 easy tips for dealing with stress in the HR department 1200 628 HR-ON

It is hard to give the HR department the reward they deserve. Just because they are not in the position of creating revenue to the company, does not mean that their work is less important than the other departments in the company. Actually, it is probably one of the most important and therefore, they might be stressed and exhausted. Think about it, they are always in contact with many people and, if they make the wrong choice, they will be the first ones to be blamed. There are many stressful factors in their working routine, and we will go through some of them, in order to find a proper solution. Here are 7 tips to help your HR department deal with stress:


Stress factors in HR:

  1. The HR department has to deal with a fast changing environment. Tasks vary a lot, from recruiting to reorganizing the company structure.
  2. They need to be always objective and to be the link between the management and the employees: problem solving is essential.
  3. For them, it is really important to be informed and updated about changing policies, laws and technologies.
  4. Time is money, and for them it is just another reason to stress.
  5. Their tasks and roles are most often overlapping. For example they may be mediator between management and employees, as well as recruiter, reorganization ambassador, policies connoisseur and so on.
  6. They need to deal with people, who might have completely different backgrounds, cultures, dispositions, and attitudes. When the employees are in conflict with the management, they might be irritated and HR personnel need to mitigate the situation.


So, do you still think they have an easy job?

We don’t.


The following 7 tips will help your HR department deal with stress and avoid dissatisfaction from their point of view:

  1. Time management is essential and there are many courses that the HR personnel can attend to improve this. This can already solve most of their sources of stress.
  2. Independence must be encouraged by setting boundaries and delegate some tasks. They are not superheros, remember this.
  3. Working close to the IT department and be informed and helped in case of changes in the technologies used.
  4. Specialists and consultants can be essential to help in re-organizational change. The employees might have to deal with anxiety and many other issues that should not be underestimated.
  5. Stay human: objectivity is important but losing the human touch is not productive.
  6. Do not be afraid to organize another team meeting. It is simply the best way to delegate, to be updated, and to solve problems.


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