Value based recruitment gives provides long-term employees

Værdibaseret rekruttering giver langtidsholdbare ansættelser. Det mener rekrutteringskonsulent Lise-Lotte Berg.

Value based recruitment gives provides long-term employees

Value based recruitment gives provides long-term employees 717 301 HR-ON
Value-based recruitment provides many benefits for companies according to development consultant and coach Lise-Lotte Berg. One of the benefits is long-term employees.

Values makes everything easier

Lise-Lotte Berg is the women behind konsulenthuset Berg’s (website in danish). Lise-Lotte works with coaching and consulting companies to achieve growth and development. One of her important tools to achieve this is helping to recruit the right candidates. Her key focus for everything she does is an emphasis on the right values:

”Regardless whether it is organisational development or recruitment, the guiding principle are the right values. When a company has created the underlying values, it is so much easier to make any decision. Your behavior and decisions have to reflect the values. Have to walk the walk and not just put on a show”. said Lise-Lotte.

Values provides long-term employees

Within recruitment Lise-Lotte’s values permeates several areas:

”The values has to be clear in the job posting, at the interview and throughout the entire process. This is a reason why I, as a recruiter, am very aware of the company that I am hiring for. If the company’s key value is decency and doing things the right way, it is imperative that my behavior reflects this,” she explained and continued:

”Similarly, I also look for certain behavioral traits of applications which are consistent with the values the company is seeking.”

A match based on common values is the foundation for a solid relationship and a sign of long term employment said Lise-Lotte. This is the most important aspect of value-based recruitment.

“We are at a point in time where employees, who are recruited, should be long-term employees before there is a return on investment for the employer,” said Lise-Lotte.

The action behind the words

To find out which of the applicants shares the company’s values, it is important the find out the actions behind the words, according to Lise-Lotte:

”Everybody can claim they are good at being calm and having an overview of things in a busy and chaotic workday. But how do you know who is true to their words when they are in that situation? Therefore, I am a big proponent of exposing applicants to cases, where they are faced with a typical problem for this position. If the applicant’s behavior in solving the case matches their words, I am more confident in my choice,” she explained.

The most skilled is not always the right one

According to Lise-Lotte it is not always prudent to hire the candidate with the most qualified application.

”A good chemistry, a nice personality and the will to develop are the most important aspects for me. This type of person has good chances to fulfill the role long term. But this doesn’t always work the other way. It is impossible to make a qualified candidate, who does not fit the company’s behavior or attitude, into a long term employee. If there is a lack of basic values there is a big risk for cooperation issues,” she concludes.

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Recruitment system that facilitate value-based recruitment

As a tool to support her value-based recruitment Lise-Lotte is using HR-ON Recruit.

”I choose HR-ON for several reasons. Partly because of the need to save time on administrative tasks. This allows me to focus on meeting the candidates. Partly because of a wish of a shared database with the customers that I recruit for,” she explained.

Lise-Lotte adds:

”For me personally is it an important value that things are done the right way. And it is the same for a lot of my customers. This is why having the overview the system provides helps. The automated functions make sure that I send quick replies to all applicants. That way nobody is unsure where they stand in the process. It is important to show respect for the applicants who have put time, effort and shown an interest for the company. It is about doing the small, but human things,” Lise-Lotte concludes.

As a concluding remark Lise-Lotte points out that behaving correctly and showing respect for the applicants also helps to strengthen the brand for the employees in the organisation.