HR-ON enters into a partnership with Innoflow

HR-ON enters into a partnership with Innoflow

HR-ON enters into a partnership with Innoflow 1200 628 HR-ON

Let the skills and talents of your candidates guide the recruitment process!

Everyone has talent, you just have to give them the opportunity to show it. Most people can agree with that philosophy. HR-ON would like to share knowledge, thoughts and technology to help organisations approach recruitment with this philosophy in mind.

it is for this reason that HR-ON has entered into a partnership with the Danish tech company Innoflow. Innoflow offer software for case-based recruitment, where the case is anonymised, so that only the candidate’s skills and abilities are assessed.

Going beyond the classic recruitment process

Innoflow provide a digital solution which focuses the recruitment process on anonymizing candidates. The collaboration between Innoflow and HR-ON will inspire and support organisations to go beyond the classic recruitment process.

We want to give HR-ON’s customers, both current and future, the opportunity to focus more on skills and talent, so that recruitment is not governed by habits, prejudices, good CVs, gender, age, race, religion or sexuality. The partnership with Innoflow provides both technical possibilities as well as inspiration, to help achieve this aim.

A strong partnership with aligned values

Innoflow is excited to be part of a collaboration, in which a value-based approach to technology and diversity is prioritised by both parties.

“At Innoflow, we are driven by our mission to achieve a better world. Partnering with HR-ON therefore makes sense in every way, as they stand for the same values and have the same approach to technology as us,” says Nicklas Pyrdol , CMO at Innoflow.

The CCO at HR-ON, Rasmus Festersen, also sees opportunities in the collaboration that inspire recruiters to think outside of the box when recruiting.

“It is very important to us to inspire people to break habitual thinking and to encourage people to focus more on skills, regardless of background, skin color, name, gender or other insignificant factors when looking for new employees,” says Rasmus Festersen.

HR-ON provides software that creates value for users, and it is important that the company’s partners share the core values on which HR-ON is built.

“Innoflow’s values and technical solutions inspire us – and we also want to share that with the outside world”, says Rasmus Festersen, CCO in HR-ON

Want to be a part of it?

HR-ON and Innoflow will hold a joint webinar on case-based recruitment on 27th January 2021.

Read more and sign up here.
(Please note the webinar will be in Danish)