Value-Based Recruitment – A Developer’s Perspective

Valu-based reruitment

Value-Based Recruitment – A Developer’s Perspective

Value-Based Recruitment – A Developer’s Perspective 700 250 HR-ON

I got to thinking about what value-based recruitment really means for the HR-ON system and for the developers’ work.

Often, we talk about value-based recruitment in connection to the interpersonal process that lies on top of the recruitment platform itself. But since the recruitment platform is the foundation of the entire recruitment process, the value-based element must be not only reflected in it, but directly supported and encouraged.

A value-based approach

Let me give you a very concrete example of how we can see the value-based approach to the recruitment process in HR-ON. In many systems, you pre-screen your candidates.  In some systems you can give a candidate either a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumb to the side. At HR-ON, we use a star system. Some people may receive more stars than others, but none should be directly negatively assessed – they simply do not fit the criteria. 

This may seem like an insignificant thing, but it can actually affect the recruitment culture within an organization. By having the option to give candidates a negative thumbs down, this also allows you to see which candidates have the most thumbs down icons. And therefore such a system brings attention to not only the best candidate but also the worst. In other words, the focus is changed slightly and the system allows for negative reviews.

Care in the system

Facebook has long refused to insert a dislike button into their system. They do this because Facebook has to be seen as a neutral place, not allowing for any discrimination or negative attitudes. They therefore do not want to contribute to the cruelty that a dislike button could bring. This is wise, and it’s similar for a recruitment system. We must encourage a positive and evolving recruitment culture (persuasion), focusing on the candidates’ values and knowledge. Not the opposite!

It does matter to our minds and brains when we act positively instead of negatively. Our brains are built to reward positive behaviour. That’s why we don’t thrive in environments where we have to act or respond negatively to other people – we tend to get stressed. 

Star system

So that’s why we use a star system at HR-ON. Eventually, you end up with a number of candidates who have not been awarded stars. They are left as neutral applicants who simply did not meet our criteria. And the system does not encourage us to look at or laugh at the worst candidates.

This shows care and adds value to the recruitment system. The system encourages us to focus only on the candidates who scored highest.