23 things you should do in HR in 2023

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23 Things You Should Do in HR in 2023

New year, new opportunities, and new possibilities. 2023 is just around the corner, and those 3 sentences are what most of us think about the upcoming year. But are you ready for 2023 in HR?

What will be the new trends and reoccurring trends in HR in 2023? We have looked into the crystal ball and seen 23 things you can do now and in 2023 to improve your recruitment and HR work. Let us dive right in.

1) Introduce a well-being calendar to boost well-being in the workplace
Employee well-being will continue to be a hot topic in 2023. This year you could try something new and introduce a well-being calendar. Each month focuses on 1 topic and gives weekly tasks and suggestions that any employee can do. Each topic affects well-being in one way or another. 


2) Counteract negative stress
Prolonged stress can have serious consequences for everybody involved. Ensure you are trying to prevent stress – not only by offering help and guidance when an employee is already affected. Try to talk often with employees and managers to catch the first signs of burnout.

There are plenty of sites online where you can explore different ways to manage and relieve stress. Follow your selected stress plan and let the rest of the company know the opportunities they have before, under, and after stress. 


3) Set culture on the agenda in 2023
Culture is another hot topic; many do not know how the culture is throughout the teams, departments, and company. Internal workshops for the entire company or teams are one way to put culture on the agenda. You can also do anonymous surveys and collect data that gives you the employees’ perception of the current culture.

The employees are your best ambassadors, and their input on improving the culture is gold. 


4) Employee retention is everything
2022 had a new record. It was the year of hire. Our data is based on Danish numbers; nevertheless, 1 million Danes started a new job in 2022, and keep in mind that Denmark’s population is around 5 million, so this record is vast. Make sure you take your current employees’ input and join forces with them to create a workplace where you want to stay. 


5) Let employee branding be part of the marketing mix
Employee retention is one thing, but employee branding is just as important. The search for new talent will continue in 2022.

We have written a blog post about employer branding and 6 tips to improve your internal and external efforts. 


6) Hybrid workplaces were not just a corona thing
Countless articles and surveys say it: hybrid workplaces are here to stay. Have you decided what approach you want to take in your HR department? New talents might only apply for a job if you have some sort of hybrid opportunity.

Read: Why Should You Have a Hybrid Workplace? 


7) Do not underestimate social media’s influence on HR
Do you have a strategy for employees’ behavior on SoMe? Or the companies? Any stakeholder can follow you, the employees, and the company online. Are you saying the right things? You gain quite a lot when you have a positive and outgoing personality on social media, but on the other hand, you can be a target for bad publicity. 

2023 might be the year you take a standpoint on your employees’ and the company’s social media strategy.  


8) Is HR visible in the organization? Give new love to your internal HR-communication
Are some of your colleagues or employees drifting? Let people know you are there and ready to help them in any possible way. 

Boost your employees with good and consistent communication.


9) Embrace the new ways to recruit – not everything has to be in writing
Video? Case-based? Or what about SoMe? You do not have to change your entire recruitment process, but what about the first part of applying? Switch it up by adding a video CV or recruit your next talent through TikTok. 

The opportunities are endless. 


10) Are you ready for the Gen Z invasion?
Let us be honest: Generation Z is different, and we recommend that you get to know them because they bring a whole new vision to the table. Make sure your company is ready to onboard Gen Z. 


11) Make friends with data
As HR becomes more and more complicated, you have to look into the data and statistics of HR and your recruitment process. HR’s work can sometimes be hard to measure, but not impossible. It depends on what you want to track. 

KPIs you can begin to track in 2023: Quality of Hire, Hiring Manager Satisfaction, or Employee Engagement. 


12) Are you listening to the daily office talk? Do it, and use it.
The small talk that happens by the coffee machine is the best kind. Employees might use that time to talk about the latest office news, but what if they said something useful? Do not solely talk with your employees in a meeting – meet them at the coffee machine or the lunch table and hear them out. 


13) Upskilling and Reskilling
Remember those 2 words. HR should consider keeping the employees in the company and how the work is developed and managed. In light of the shrinking workforce and raising of tasks that have to be done, upskilling and reskilling might be your saving. 

Upskilling is about educating your employees so they can manage other tasks or more complex work. Reskilling is, on the other hand, used when an employee is hired in another position out of their main skillset. That is super useful when you have the opportunity to do that. 


14) Diversity and inclusion are still important
In 2021 and 2022 those words were on everybody’s lips. In 2023 they will lose traction, not because it is not essential, but because we have other urgent challenges to work with, which demand our attention.  

But do not dismiss diversity and inclusion. Work on it as you worked on it the last few years – we are on a good path now. 


15) Motivation trumps experience
If you have not learned to think differently in the recruiting process, begin now. We are often fast to look at the facts, but a highly motivated person will often prove to be the best candidate. Or at least give the candidate a chance to prove you wrong. 


16) ‘Soft Skills’ or ‘Hard Skills’?
It is not one or the other but a mix that is the best combination. In recent years many companies have tried to move away from a purely hard skill set and look at soft skills like personal skills. Like we said in number 15, go after someone motivated.


17) The 3 books you should read in 2023 if you are the HR manager.
In need of new ideas, knowledge, and inspiration? Try to take some time out to read. Grab some tea or coffee and find your favorite reading spot. If you are an HR manager, we have 5 book recommendations for you: 

Unleashing the Power of Diversity – How to Open Minds for Good by Bjørn Z. Ekelund  

Redefining HR – Transforming People Teams to Drive Business Performance by Lars Schmidt 

People Analytics For Dummies by Mike West

Humble Leadership – The Power of Relationships, Openness, and Trust by Edgar H. Schein & Peter A. Schein

The Drama-Free Workplace – How You Can Prevent Unconscious Bias, Sexual Harassment, Ethics Lapses, and Inspire a Healthy Culture by Patti Perez


18) Following up on your data is crucial
Collecting data is easy and can easily be done through our engagement builder, but following up and making a decision based on the answers is harder. 

Do not be one of those who, for instance, do not follow up on the yearly employment survey. 


19) Re-recruiting
Have you heard about re-recruiting? It is quite simple. Re-recruiting is a term for ‘’negotiating your employee’s benefits again’’. Do the benefits still benefit them, or are they happy in their role?

Re-recruitment could be a way of retention and keeping key employees in the job and organization. 


20) Making HR digital has never been more important
We live in a digital age where our life is heavily influenced by everything digital such as Google Pay and Zoom, and it is about time that HR follows up. Your Recruiting and HR team can save much time going digital. Imagine how easy the team’s daily tasks would be when data and processes are collected and stored in one system.

Are you ready to make HR digital? Book a free demo here and let us answer all your questions about HR-ON Recruit and HR-ON Staff. 


21) People with special needs are eager to work
In 2023 you should look into hiring people with special needs. It could be people with Aspergers or even stress – they might need something different such as specific working hours, longer breaks, or specific tools, but they will bring a whole new set of skills and talent. 

Be open to the opportunity to hire outside your comfort zone.


22) Are you prepared for next year?
Take a few minutes to reflect on your current situation and write it down. How does it look, and what will it look like in the future? We have looked at 6 mega trends in HR. All of them may not affect you, but some of them will. Be ready.


23) Last but not least – be open to the unpredictable in HR
The last few years have been swinging some serious wildcards – but that just makes us more prepared for the next big thing, right? 

HR, recruiting, and people are unpredictable, and you must be prepared.