Sign Documents, Contracts, and More With a Digital Signature Directly in Your HR System

Sign Documents, Contracts, and More With a Digital Signature Directly in Your HR System 1200 628 HR-ON

Sign Documents, Contracts, and More With a Digital Signature Directly in Your HR System

Do you want to avoid chasing after signatures and keeping track of how many contracts need signing? Well, HR-ON Staff may have the solution for you. With the help of our HR system, you can comfortably sign contracts virtually. Here’s how.

A workday for an HR employee will often contain several tasks, for example, gathering information or signatures from other employees. So why not use a system with a digital signature function?

What Is a Digital Signature?

The first thing that comes to mind is probably “a signature, but digital,” which is correct. However, there are some differences between digital and traditional signatures, mainly in the efficiency and simplicity of the signing process when done digitally.

When signing with the help of our digital signature tool, the involved parties will receive a link to access the relevant documents after logging in with legitimate credentials. By having it all done virtually, you get to skip printing out the documents, signing the physical copies, scanning, and uploading the documents, making the process simpler and more time and resource-efficient. 

After accessing the documents, the involved parties can read through the document, and when they’re ready to sign, they can do so with a digital ID. Signing with our digital signature tool can be done on many devices, such as tablets, computers, and even smartphones, making it easy to keep track of your contracts even on the move. 

If you already have HR-ON Staff, our digital signature is available for use. Your subscription determines how often you can use digital signature and if or when you need to pay pr. signature. Use the tool to sign an employment contract, consent statements, and other contracts requiring signatures.

Comfort Throughout the Whole Process With HR-ON Staff

Digital signatures ensure efficiency during the entire process. When using HR-ON Staff, you can check up on the status of your document at any given time and be notified when documents have been signed. You can comfortably use this tool for all your signature needs from management, employees, etc. wherever you may need a signature, you can make use of a digital signature to make the process simpler and more efficient. 

After the documents have been signed, you still have access to them via the employee’s data card. HR-ON Staff automatically takes care of that, so you won’t have to. You get to decide who has access to the paper: the employee, the management, the HR department, the payment office, etc. This way, you can decide who can access the specific document so it isn’t visible to all your employees and thus abide by The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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