Why HR Communication Deserves More Attention in 2023

Why HR Communication Deserves More Attention in 2023 1200 628 HR-ON

Why HR Communication Deserves More Attention in 2023

Are you working in HR? If yes, you should prioritize communicating more with your employees who are not working in HR. Communication from HR to the rest of the organization should be on the agenda in 2023. When you start doing it, employees will perform better, and engagement will improve. 

Gallup has conducted a survey in America in which 65% of all employees say they are “not engaged” in their work. That means that out of 130 million full-time employees, 65% of them do not feel engaged. By “not engaged,” employees indicate that they neither like nor dislike their job, it is work without passion. 

Whether it is a global problem is up for discussion, but with such a result from the USA, we can only assume that it is a challenge for any company in every country. There will probably be someone in your own company that will answer like the 65 % percent. The good news is that you can turn those employees around with proper communication.

Boost Your Employees With Direct HR Communication

By putting HR communication high on the agenda, you can create more excitement for the employees in their jobs and workplaces. It is often from the HR department that administrative information flows to the rest of the organization. So when HR sends something out, people usually listen. 

You have to take advantage of that. You can empower and influence employees by providing clear communication directly from HR. HR should be the managers’ helping hand in securing a safe space for everybody.

Well-informed employees are also less likely to gossip. They know what is going on, and they know they will be informed when the time is.

Let Our Engagement Builder Do the Talking

In HR-ON Staff, we have a tool called “Engagement Builder.” It is built into our software, and you can collect data, send out information, invite to the annual office party and do surveys. It is only your imagination that sets the limit.

Bring your employees on board and let them be heard. Employees who feel listened to are 4,6 times more likely to do their best at work. 

Want to know more about the many features of HR-ON Staff and what the engagement builder can do for you? Book a demo, and let us walk you through it. It is free and can be designed to your needs.