well-being calendar 2023

2023 Well-being Calendar

2023 Well-being Calendar 1200 628 HR-ON

Thriving Workplace? Get Our Well-being Calendar 2023

When you google ‘employee well-being’, you will probably be presented with a massive amount of articles about what employee well-being is and why it matters. 2022 was a year dedicated to this theme, and nothing indicates that 2023 will regard it as a less important theme.

Quite the contrary: employee well-being is the big thing in 2023. And why is it so? The future job market is slowly taking shape, and it is quite different from what we know and have been used to. One of the reasons for this change is Generation Z, who at the moment is starting to hold more and more og the job force. And with the iGen comes new demands for the job market and employers. The “new” job market is not by any means changing just because of the younger generation’s demands – work-life balance and what work means concerns every employee. 

“But what should I do?”, one might think. Well, try to introduce a well-being calendar to your employees. The theme of the calendar is well-being and how to achieve it through different actions. We have made an easy well-being calendar which you can use. One whole year with 12 themes and weekly activities that does not require any extra time – employees can easily take part in the activities. 

You can follow our calendar to the letter, or fit it into your context. You do you. This calendar will not be the reason that increases employee well-being, nevertheless, it can be the first step.