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With HR-ON Recruit, you get a professional career page  for your website, designed in line with your company’s visual identity. Applicants remain on your company website throughout the process and there is no linking away from the page at any time.

Your career page is where you will display your current job opportunities, as well as give applicants the chance to submit unsolicited applications. The career page we create for you will be an integral part of your website.

Top tips for your Career page

  • For many applicants, your career page is their first glimpse of your organization. And in recruitment first-hand impressions can be very important.

    Therefore the design of your career page plays a key role in the candidate journey, and can determine whether they decide to keep reading or not. The layout and design of your career page needs to be in line with the rest of your website, but you should think of this page as a place to sell your organization to potential candidates.

    The page should be user-friendly, inviting and give candidates a glimpse of your company before they arrive at the job posting.

  • Job-seekers usually check out many different options before deciding on their new dream job. Therefore, we advise you to create a brief, concise and captivating introduction to your company, to capture the candidates’ attention and give them the desire to learn more.

    You can create the story of your organisation and the new job opportunity on another page, but remember to include Call To Action buttons in all parts of the your company story, just as you would on other pages to increase usability.

  • Invest time in telling your company and employee stories. Nothing sells better than good employer branding. And remember that pictures tell a thousand words, so support the written narrative of your employee culture with real images of life at the office.

    Once you’ve perfected the written and visual elements, you should also consider whether to invest in producing some short and sweet videos to provide applicants a real idea of your workplace. Video material has become more and more popular and it is a excellent tool for sharing a lot of information very quickly.

    Fortunately, creating great videos no longer requires expensive camera equipment. You can now create great videos using your smartphone, so you just need to invest your time.

  • When looking for a new job, there are a number of practical elements which come into the decision making process – such as, salary, vacation, pension, HR, employee handbook, etc.

    Therefore, it is important that these elements are displayed clearly on your career page, so that candidates can make an informed decision.

  • You probably already have professional pages on various Social Media platforms, which you may use for brand awareness, employer branding, as a promotional platform, etc.

    While it may seem obvious that potential candidates will explore your various SoMe platforms themselves, it is still, for many organisations, quite new.

    It is an easy and painless process to integrate SoMe platforms at the bottom of your careers page. So potential candidates can get an overview of your SoMe strategy and/or get an insight into your employer branding.

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