Unlock the Power of AI: How AI Can Revolutionize Recruitment

Unlock the Power of AI: How AI Can Revolutionize Recruitment 1200 628 HR-ON

Unlock the Power of AI: How AI Can Revolutionize Recruitment

A recruitment process can be time-consuming. But with artificial intelligence (AI), you can save time and get valuable inputs, so your job ad can be sharp as possible.

There’re several ways to use AI when working with HR and recruitment. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, but what can it do for HR professionals and recruiters? When facing complex problems and decisions based on a vast amount of information, AI can assist in solving those problems with its technology. 

According to, an HR employee spends an average of 23 hours recruiting, screening, and selecting interview candidates. Why not use AI to help you manage the more time-consuming tasks?

At HR-ON, we’ve looked at how AI can help our customers make recruitment easier in HR-ON Recruit. That’s why it’s now possible to get suggestions from AI on how a job ad can sound. Want to know what AI can do for you? Then keep on reading.

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Use AI to Write the Job Description

AI can be your assistant regarding the actual job ad text. We’ve just implemented AI in HR-ON Recruit, intending to help you in the early stages of your recruitment process. How? Serve the AI-assist with details about the job position, what it requires, working hours, work tasks, perhaps some information about the workplace, etc.

A few lines like these are enough: “Write a job ad for a primary school teacher who will teach English, social studies, and physical education to the upper grades. The candidate must be able to collaborate in teams as well as create good parent cooperation.”

AI-assist creates a job ad text for you in no time. If you need more text, you can provide more details, and, of course, you can edit and delete the ad to make it fit your unique company. With AI-assist in HR-ON Recruit, you’ll never have writer’s block again, as it can give you first, second, and third drafts of job ads that you previously lacked words for.

Get Faster Through the Pile of Resumes

AI can support your recruitment by letting technology scan the resumes you’ve received for an open position or an unsolicited job application. You’ll find and hire top talent with a so-called Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which helps you manage the recruitment process.  

As a customer of HR-ON, you can utilize a similar function, namely filtering candidates in HR-ON Recruit. You can display candidates who have graduated in a specific year, possess a particular skill in their CV, or graduated from an educational institution you value highly. This way, you’ll have a manageable pool of applicants who meet the requirements for a specific position. 

By filtering candidates, you can find specific candidates for positions where you are looking for specific skills. With the help of ATS, you get an overview much faster than if you did the work manually.

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An “Updated” Candidate Experience

Automation and AI can be your helping hand in many ways. In a recruitment process where you receive many applications, AI can help create an overview and identify the most qualified candidates based on your criteria selection.

The candidate experience is “updated” for both the recruitment manager and the candidates. As a recruitment manager, with data automated and organized by AI, the initial work in a recruitment process becomes faster and more efficient. For candidates, the job search process, where long waiting times can occur, becomes faster as they receive quicker application feedback and a more fair chance of being considered for the position if their qualifications match the job requirements.

With automation, you can allocate time to other tasks in the recruitment process. Your helping hand, AI, gives you more time to read candidates’ applications and prepare interview questions, feedback, etc.

Employment Decisions with Reduced Bias and More Data

AI can be helpful throughout the entire recruitment process, even when making decisions. We often talk about how our bias can influence employment decisions, and sometimes we trust our guts more than we should. In such cases, AI can help reduce bias when making employment decisions. However, it’s important to remember that AI can have its own bias, and therefore you should always approach the technology’s answers with a critical and reflective mindset.

While you should be aware of bias, AI can also supplement data to the discussion based on multiple parameters: You can combine AI’s data, such as screening candidates’ CVs, with your experience and knowledge as a recruitment manager.

Finding the balance between using the right amount of AI and own experiences is an art to learn, but practice makes perfect. You can unlock the power of AI and achieve efficient recruitment processes. The future job market has certainly moved close

Human Contact Is Still Crucial

AI can help make recruitment easier by solving some of your most time-consuming tasks. At the same time, it’s essential to emphasize that not all functions in HR can be taken care of by a robot.

It includes conducting job interviews, calling, and informing candidates who’ve been part of the recruitment process. Human contact is always preferred. AI supplements your HR work, which can embrace today.

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