People and Culture Movement

We are moving from Human Resources to People and Culture – and you should do the same.

We are moving from Human Resources to People and Culture – and you should do the same. 1200 628 HR-ON

We are moving from Human Resources to People and Culture 

– and you should do the same.

Have you noticed the people and culture movement? There’s a new trend in the world of Human Resources and times are surely changing in HR departments everywhere. If you haven’t yet crossed paths with this change, chances are you soon will.

So, what’s going on in the HR world? Well, basically HR departments are rethinking their whole approach to managing and assisting their employees. They are expanding their duties beyond administration, performance, and recruitment. Moving from a service role to a leadership role, creative HR departments everywhere are working to cultivate an environment where you as an employee is the starring role, and in doing so they renounce the title ‘Human Resources’ and rebrand themselves in the name of ‘People and Culture’. These departments are reimagining the whole workplace to make sure that the company values are expressed in every single aspect of the employee experience.

What does People and Culture mean?

The People and Culture movement are different. The People and Culture approach is about managing a company’s human resources by putting the employee first. They find answers to questions such as how can we motivate our employees the best, how do we create a more exciting physical work environment and how do we empower them to perform their best. Whether it is setting up an in-office ping pong table, creating remote working opportunities, offering flexible working hours or even having a weekly office breakfast, the people of People and Culture got it covered.

The ultimate aim? Create a working environment so good that employees not only thrive in their working place, but they actually love and value their job for reasons beyond their monthly paycheck.

But People and Culture is not only here to establish an amazing culture internally for your company. Cultivating a workplace culture that stands out for all the right reasons can also be an asset when it comes to branding your business. Having a culture that your employees buy into is simply good business. Whether you offer your employees generous benefits or throw them a get-together to celebrate reaching a milestone every once in a while, these small, but significant gestures can turn your employees into brand ambassadors that are more than happy to represent your company and speak highly of their workplace any chance they get.

A modern solution to modern problems 

Beyond making sure that your employees have an awesome working environment, the People and Culture approach to HR tasks seems to be a 21st century answer to problems that have gotten (well-deserved!) attention in recent years. As increasing awareness is brought to the rise in the mental health issues, exhaustion, and burnout that’s found among workers in every field, it is only logical for HR departments to try and tackle these issues in the actual workplace. 

Supporting employees in dealing with these challenges not only benefits the employee, but also the workplace. After all, a happy employee is an asset to any company. Especially remote working opportunities and flexible hours has in the wake of the COVID pandemic proved to offer employees a much-welcomed mental break from the at times overwhelming feeling of being bound to an office chair for most part of their day. 

It empowers employees when they have greater autonomy to decide for themselves when and where they want to work. Making sure that the workplace accommodates and supports the employees needs through the working culture is a crucial mission for the People and Culture department.

Another reason why you should bring more attention to your culture and further develop it, is that it is of an increasingly important significance to talents looking for new job opportunities. Talents are more likely to choose one opportunity over another based solely on the workplace culture. So, if you already have an amazing workplace culture, make sure your culture stands out from the jump, and emphasize it in your job ad.

Are you ready to join the People and Culture Movement? Elevate your culture today, invest in your People and Culture team, sit back, and watch not only your company grow, but also the people in it.

What does People and Culture mean?

The People and Culture Movement are different. The People and Culture approach is about managing a company's Human Resources by putting the employee first.

Why are Human Resources changing to People and Culture?

People and Culture takes a broader view on the human capital, in which they have to support. They put the general culture and individual humans first.