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Save Time and Avoid Printing by Presenting Candidates Digitally

Save Time and Avoid Printing by Presenting Candidates Digitally 1200 628 HR-ON

Save Time and Avoid Printing by Presenting Candidates Digitally

Do you know that you can create a candidate presentation for applicants who have applied for a job or submitted an unsolicited application? It all happens digitally on the recruitment platform HR-ON Recruit, which means you don’t have to print CVs only to shred them after the recruitment process to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Candidate Presentation is a tool that replaces the previous pdf compilation, which was a printout of all relevant CVs that you and your colleagues could comment on with a pen, post-it notes, and highlighters.

This process can now be done digitally, making it much easier for you to comply with the requirements of personal data protection (GDPR). As a bonus, you avoid stacks of printed papers, which are both time-saving and cost-effective – and environmentally friendly.

How Does the Candidate Presentation Work?

Imagine you have five relevant candidates you want to invite to a first interview. You can gather them into a candidate presentation with just a few clicks, which you and the other selection committee members can access in HR-ON Recruit.

This way, you have the selected candidates in one place, and you can easily see how each candidate is evaluated before, during, and after an interview. The Candidate Presentation is also a tool for job interviews, where you can use the function to assess and take notes on candidates during the interview.

Get a Comprehensive Overview

In addition to quickly switching between the candidates’ CVs and applications in the Candidate Presentation, you can also access relevant information about each candidate. This way, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

After the job interviews, you can access a summary, which gives you an overview of your and your colleagues’ notes and evaluations of the candidates, allowing you to easily compare what you think about each candidate and who should move on in the process.

In the summary, you can also see the distribution of evaluations, called the Evaluation Distribution. It consists of a graphical representation that you can quickly read and see how you and your colleagues in the selection committee agree on whether the candidate is suitable.

The evaluation distribution shows the breadth of evaluations: Suppose one of your colleagues gives the candidate one star while another gives the candidate five stars. In that case, this can provide an opportunity to explore why the selection committee evaluates the candidate differently.

With this type of data, you have a basis for good evaluation. When you have comparable parameters to take into consideration when evaluating, it can help you select which candidates should move on to the next interview.

For the second round of interviews, you can again create a candidate presentation so that only the remaining candidates can be evaluated and compared.

Possible to Share With Others Outside the Organization

HR-ON Recruit allows sharing of candidate presentations both internally and externally. All users with access to your HR-ON Recruit account can access the presentation if they are invited.

The recipient will receive a link to the presentation and cannot access other content on the HR-ON Recruit account. This feature is helpful for recruiting companies to show potential candidates to their clients quickly HR-ON Recruit complies with GDPR by automatically deleting data after completing the recruitment process.

Get Started

To use this feature, simply click on the new tool in the menu of your HR-ON Recruit user account. A guide can be found in our Help Center to get started. Support can be contacted via phone or email if the menu item is missing.