How to Make Recruitment Easier With a Recruitment System

How to Make Recruitment Easier With a Recruitment System 1200 628 HR-ON

How to Make Recruitment Easier With a Recruitment System

Every organization is faced with the task of recruiting new employees from time to time. But are you still doing it the old-fashioned way and receiving hundreds of applications through e-mail? Maybe it is time to elevate your recruitment process with a recruitment system that assists you through the entire process when you are looking for that perfect new employee.

Finding your way through workplace digitalization while trying to juggle the eternal GDPR updates can be a tough mission, but with a recruitment system you can ease that burden. A digital recruitment system is an online platform that you can access anytime. All you need is a computer or tablet with internet access. This way you can keep all your recruitment related tasks in one place.

By using a recruitment system, you can manage all the steps in the recruitment process easily and efficiently. That includes posting the job ad, receiving applications, and reviewing the potential candidates. Additionally, you can send out replies to the candidates directly from the platform, invite them for interviews, host the interviews online and lastly, send out the employment contract to be signed digitally.

You will find all these features in the recruitment system HR-ON Recruit. This recruitment system automates your tasks as much as possible, and makes your procedures efficient all while ensuring that you comply with the present GDPR legislation.

Recruitment Program, Recruitment System or E-recruitment System – What’s the Difference?

Whether you call it a recruitment program, recruitment system or e-recruitment system, they are all the same thing. The key purpose of the system, regardless of what you may call it, is to save you both time and resources. On top of this, it also assists you in complying with the legal requirements that come with handling personal data – think GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Once the recruitment of your new employee has been completed, the system will automatically delete all the candidates as well as their data. This way all the data you use in the recruitment process is handled and kept safely according to the existing laws and regulations. 

When you use a recruitment system instead of receiving the applications via email, you no longer have to manually delete applications and additional data to comply with the GDPR. And sharing the potential candidates with your coworkers has never been easier. By using a recruitment system you can easily grant access to the colleagues that need to review the job ads, the potential candidates, as well as their resumes, and cover letters. All data is kept on the platform, which means that you no longer have to worry about downloaded applications that need to be deleted on every computer in the organization.

When you use HR-ON Recruit you even get a career page on your own website. Besides keeping the applicant on your own website throughout the application process, there are plenty of advantages to this. It makes the application process easier and you keep the traffic on your own turf. When the applicant is not referred to a third party website, it makes you trustworthy when it comes to applying for a job at your organization.