Get Noticed by Candidates With LinkedIn Premium Jobs

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Get Noticed by Candidates With LinkedIn Premium Jobs

Are you searching for new colleagues for your office without much luck? Why not target your search where the candidates already are, like on LinkedIn? Read along and get more insight into why LinkedIn is the site for your next job posting.

When searching for the next talent, it makes sense to look at where the potential candidates are. And this is where social media comes into play. Especially job-oriented platforms like LinkedIn are the place to be. 

But why is LinkedIn an excellent choice to post your job postings? Well, read along and find out why.

More Than 875 Million Users

The chances of finding your candidate are enormous. LinkedIn has more than 875 million users, which makes the platform the largest professional network. Almost every industry is on the platform, which means your potential employees are also there. 

At HR-ON, we sometimes get questions regarding LinkedIn, especially if specific industries are presented on the platform, such as music and sports. And yes, both industries are on LinkedIn; you don’t need to worry.

Catch the Candidates Who Aren’t Actively Searching for a Job

Let’s call this a bonus reason. By using LinkedIn, you are not only targeting your job post for candidates who are actively searching for a job, but you are also catching candidates who aren’t actively searching. These candidates might not seek a new job at the moment, but if the right job posting reaches them, they could be the perfect match you might not have thought of. 

And how do you catch the “passive” candidates? It’s possible to target these candidates with LinkedIn Premium Job, where your job post advertisement is targeted in different ways. For instance, passive candidates may receive a notification, or the job is shown on their feed. 

By choosing LinkedIn Premium Job, your job post is shown 23 times more on the platform, and you will get 26 more applications per week in relation to posting an organic job post, which only reaches candidates who are actively looking for a job. LinkedIn Premium Job ensures a higher reach and targets all candidates.

Integrated With HR-ON’s Recruitment System

If you are an HR-ON Recruit customer, you can easily share job postings on LinkedIn. You only need to decide if you want to post an organic job post or with LinkedIn Premium Job and then add a checkmark in our system. HR-ON is an official LinkedIn partner, which means our customers are offered an excellent price for LinkedIn Premium Job. 

In addition, the job posting process is much quicker with HR-ON Recruit as the system makes sure to share your job posting on all relevant sites, saving you much time. It’s that easy.

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