7 mistakes to avoid in your recruitment process


7 mistakes to avoid in your recruitment process

7 mistakes to avoid in your recruitment process 680 232 HR-ON

Most know that it is expensive for a company to hire new employees. To make matters worse there are severe consequences of hiring the wrong employee. HR-ON has made a list of mistakes to avoid in your recruitment process. By avoiding these mistakes you stand a better chance of hiring the right candidates.

1. Create a plan to avoid losing focus

Create a process that works for your company, this will save you time and money. The process will help you with deadlines like posting the job, calling candidates in for interviews and more. This makes it easier to keep your focus and have an overview of the recruitment process.

2. Avoid generic jargon

You have certainly read in a job posting that you should have a calm, cool and collected head while managing several projects at the same time before. According to HR-ON‘s CEO, Ali Cevik, you should avoid this type of generic jargon. These generic jargon are not necessarily bad, however most candidates knows to take them with a grain of salt. Try thinking outside the box and create an unique job posting. This is viewed as the company being more creditable and makes more people interested in the position.

3. Avoid only hiring the same type of person

It is Ali Cevik’s experience that people are generally more comfortable with recruiting and working with people who are similar to us. However, he implores the recruiters to look from another angle. This can be done when hiring people but also mix up where the jobs are posted. When a job posting is unique and different, the company usually receive different applicant. Ali Cevik suggests using social media, blogs, niche portals, professional portals, magazines and networks to a greater extent: “It is an obvious opportunity to bring some new skills into the company,” according to Ali.

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4. Don’t demand it all

Avoid asking for too much in the recruitment process. Write exactly what you and who are looking for in the job posting. Be specific in terms of values, attitude, work environment and tasks for the job. This will make it easier for you to stay focus and avoid unqualified applicants. Ali says this also avoids the candidate feeling the need to write they are analytical yet social, creative yet very structured. He implores being clear in the message about who you are looking for. A young recent graduate, an experienced and dutiful candidate or maybe a creative person with a specific certificate or education. This will help you avoid a lot of unqualified applications.

5. Avoid over crowded e-mail

When you receive hundreds of applications via e-mail, you will quickly lose focus and the overview. Additionally, you will spent valuable time administering and making a system for the applications in your inbox. Time will be spent sending confirmation emails, sending emails about interview times and rejections. HR-ON recommends, especially to companies with a high volume of applicants, to acquire a recruitment system. With a recruitment system like HR-ON Recruit the applications will automatically be compiled with the specific job post. With this one easy step, you can spend more time looking at the applications, rate the and find the right people to invite. Rather than spending time organising the over crowded e-mail inbox.

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6. Don’t let golden opportunities by

Despite giving clear indications of what and who you are looking for (point 4), you may still receive many suggestions from candidates how they can solve your need. Don’t let this golden opportunity pass you by. Some of these atypical characters may surprise you. This opens the door for some nice surprises, new opportunities, development and a new angle to a problem. Ali Cevik thinks that if we let go of conventional structure, prejudice and expectations we will broaden our horizon. This broadened horizon can inspire new solution to a problem. Despite being busy or an interview that did not go as expected, you can turn it into a win by interviewing a wide range of applicants.

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7. Do not forget the company’s values

HR-ON’s system is built on value-based recruitment – a concept we share with our customers. Value-based recruitment involves a focus on the company’s values throughout the entire recruitment process. If you do this the candidate has a better chance to understand what the company represents. This will help a candidate becoming dedicated, who has a better chance of become a long term employee.