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30 degrees. Summer. Colleagues are on holiday and work processes are slowing down. The months of July and August are considered slow recruiting months. Recruitment slows down in July, before accelerating at the end of August. Recruitment processes fall by the wayside because interviews are difficult to plan.

However, there are ways to make meaningful use of these quiet months.

For example, the summer season is the time of year when recruiters can reconsider their hiring strategy. Employees have high expectations of their workplace. Especially young graduates can not be satisfied with the usual advantages offered by a company. The coffee quality must be “fairtrade” and be served with a “homemade” piece of cake. A recruiter today has to find good arguments to make a company attractive to employees. If not, the best candidates will not be interested in working for the company. In the quiet summer months, the question then arises: what can the respective company offer and how can these potential benefits be sold to the potential employee?

But not only are fewer vacancies advertised also fewer applicants apply for these posts. In these relatively slow recruitment months, it might be worthwhile to look more closely at the few and, in the first place, perhaps not preferred applications. Also, examine old applications is an opportunity to fill open positions in the summer. Applicants with a non-100% CV but impressive employment history might be well suited to open positions. For example, a woman who wants to return to work after maternity leave.

In addition, July / August is the time of the year in which graduates complete their studies and leave college and university. It is therefore the best time of the year to occupy entry-level positions. Smart recruiters use this time to engage young professionals before entering into contracts with competitors.

For this reason, make use of the quiet summertime to prepare well for the coming months.


Tekst: HR-ON
Juli 31, 2018

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