HR-ON’s New Creative Department

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HR-ON’s New Creative Department

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Two experienced agency professionals will help HR-ON’s clients attract the best employees.

The success of companies depends on the ability to attract the right employees. It is no longer enough to simply make a good job advert and then wait for talented people to knock on your door. Therefore, HR-ON now opens a creative department specialized in employer branding and targeted talent recruitment.

Taking recruitment to a new level

At the forefront of this new team are two impressive individuals from the creative industry; Marketing Manager, Stefffen M Kjærulff and Brand Manager, Blörgvin Gudjonsson. They will help HR-ON’s clients to take their recruitment to a new level. The process from job vacancy to recruitment is already taken care of by HR-ON’s system. And now HR-ON’s creative team can also ensure that its customers’ communication with future employees is effective. 

“Our strength lies in our insight into HR and recruitment. In those aspects, we are three steps ahead of other agencies, plus we also have a close collaboration with LinkedIn. Through our recruitment platform, we have a direct contact with LinkedIn, which I have not experienced with any other agency,” Steffen M. Kjærulff says.

The creative department helps to develop a practical strategy to make the company more attractive to future employees. It ensures that, for example, the company’s LinkedIn career page sends the right signals. The company’s visual identity, use of images and text are also analyzed for possible improvements. The department also helps the company get control of guidelines and manuals, as well as finding the right employees to update social media and instruct them on how to do it effectively. A company’s best ambassadors are dedicated employees who are passionate about what they do and who write about.

“We need to help companies create an environment where you can’t wait to get started with today’s tasks. It creates fiery souls. It should be enjoyable,” Björgvin Gudjonsson says.

A new era for HR-ON as a company

The opening of the new department marks a shift for HR-ON, which goes from being an up-and-coming IT company to becoming part of the creative industry. This is quite a natural shift, says the Marketing Manager.

“We are a team that you hire, and it is atypical for an IT company, but it is an extra service that makes sense in relation to what we do for our customers. Because we are an in-house agency, we are also very competitive in relation to external agencies,” Steffen M. Kjærulff explains.

An important part of working with employer branding is to identify the employees who can help the company get a dynamic life on social media. Also to lay out a plan for which media the company should focus on. LinkedIn is obvious to most, but whether the company should be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is a strategic choice that we will help the company make.

“We analyze the company’s core applicants. Where are they and how do we get them talking? We make sure there is a link between these people and the company, so they come to the right places. In other contexts it is called the digital customer journey, but the principles are the same. Here we make sure that the right talents get safely through the journey, so that the companies can recruit the best possible people,” Steffen M Kjærulff says.