Calculate your risk of data-leak after the
General Data Protection Regulation…

The calculator is based on ENISA’s model, which is described in the following document: Recommendations for a methodology of the assessment of severity of personal data breaches


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1.70 Low risk risk

How to calculate your data deck

Data Processing Context
Data Processing Context explains the very basis for calculating the severity of the data breach. DPC evaluates how critical processed data is and in what context data is handled.

Ease of Identification
EI (Ease of Identification) corrects DPC compared to how difficult it is to identify individuals based on the leaked data. The harder it is to identify individuals, the lower will be the same overall SE index (SE – Severity).

Circumstances of the Breach
CB Circumstances of the Breach identifies different circumstances that may be present in connected with leaked. The CB thus always increases SE index if one of these is present.