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HR-ON helps you make sure that you’re in compliance with EU’s GDPR laws.

Our products have been developed to comply with the EU Personal Data Regulation, GDPR. Special precautions have been built into the systems to avoid both basic and complex breaches, like personal information being sent via emails or attachments. As a system administrator, you always have full control of your data with the ability to add and delete information as well as to pull documentation for the processing of personal information if needed.

GDPR tool

Try our interactive GDPR risk assessment tool

What kind of data does your business collect? And how serious would a data leak be? If you have personal data from customers, this could be very serious. These are things you must consider in order to carry out a risk assessment and make an appropriate action plan.

HR-ON has created a tool for GDPR to support risk assessment.
The tool is based on the algorithm and recommendations in ENISA’s publication: Recommendations for a methodology of the assessment of severity of personal data breaches.


// Terms of Use: HR-ON makes this tool available as it is. Use of the tool is at your own risk.
1.70 Low risk risk

How to calculate your data deck

Data Processing Context
Data Processing Context explains the basis for calculating the severity of the data breach. DPC evaluates how critical processed data is and in what context data is handled.

Ease of Identification
EI (Ease of Identification) corrects DPC according to how difficult it is to identify individuals based on the leaked data. The harder it is to identify individuals, the lower the same overall SE index (SE – Severity) will be.

Circumstances of the Breach
CB (Circumstances of the Breach) identifies different circumstances that may be present in connection with leaked data. Therefore CB always increases SE index if one of these is present.


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Breach level index

Breach level index calculator is a tool, developed according to American conditions, which are more advanced than the European ones. The calculator can be used with advantage for your company and gives you another perspective that can be included in the company’s risk assessment.

GDPR Case Photo


Here you will find a number of tools that can be used in your work with the General Data Protection Regulation and Risk Assessment.

GDPR Case Photo

Personal Data Test

The personal data test was developed by an attorney. We have chosen to highlight it, as it actually gives a good overview of the process and the subjects to be aware of in the process.

Useful links

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Here you can find a checklist to help organizations be GDPR-complaint


From CIS Security, you can download a 20-controller schedule that can be implemented into your IT organization. Even if you only implement the first five, you will have statistically increased your company’s security by 75-80%

European Data Protection Supervisor

Here you can read more about the European Data Protection Supervisor and the latest news on GDPR

What does GDPR mean?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation.

When did the EU Personal Data Regulation come into force?

The EU Personal Data Regulation, also called GDPR, came into force on 25th May 2018.

What is Sensitive Personal Information?

1. Race or ethnic origin
2. Political, religious or philosophical beliefs
3. Trade union affiliation
4. Genetic or biometric data
5. Health information
6. Sexual orientation

What is the largest possible GDPR fine?

The largest possible GDPR fine is either 4% of the company's turnover or 205 million euros, whichever is greater.

Do all companies need to be GDPR compliant?

Yes. As of 25th May 2018, all companies must be GDPR compliant.

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