A number of new employees at HR-ON

HR-ON ansætter flere medarbejdere

A number of new employees at HR-ON

A number of new employees at HR-ON 1200 627 HR-ON

There are a number of new employees at HR-ON, which has strengthened the developer team. As the year draws to a close, five new employees have been welcomed to the company.

It is the company’s impressive growth which has lead to the hiring of a number of new employees at HR-ON. This growth has once again been celebrated by Dagbladet Børsen (a Danish newspaper with a business focus). HR-ON has recently been awarded it’s second ‘Børsen Gazelle’ for impressive growth.

A wide array of skills

The five new IT experts come to HR-ON with different backgrounds and therefore bring with them a wide array of skills.

One of these developers is Martin Pagel, a software developer, who is working specifically on the HR-ON Recruit system. In addition, Sven Winther Bachmann and Lone Iversen bring multimedia design skills to the firm, which they are both currently studying. In connection to their studies, they are completing an internship at HR-ON as web developers. With regards to Sven, he has chosen to complete this education to get a degree in some skills he already has, skills he taught himself starting from the age of 10.

Strengthening of the HR-ON Staff team

In addition to the three aforementioned developers, HR-ON has welcomed two more developers; Isabella Lykkehus and Eugenio Capuani.

Isabella Lykkehus is a graduate of computer science specializing in machine learning from the University of Southern Denmark. Eugenio Capuani is a graduate of computer science and informatics from Roskilde University. He is originally from Italy, but he has a Danish mother and came to Denmark to study.

In the image above the article you can see the new faces at HR-ON. From left to right: Lone Iversen, Isabella Lykkehus, Eugenio Capuani, Martin Pagel and Sven Winther Bachmann.